Union Cemetery, Easton

November, 2008 by Ray Bendici
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Union Cemetery in Easton
Photo by Kate Frank

The Damned Story: At the junction of routes 59 and 136 in Easton, next to Easton Baptist Church, the nearly 400-year-old Union Cemetery is allegedly one of the most haunted spots in Connecticut. Renowned ghosthunters Ed and Lorraine Warren (and their New England Society for Psychic Research) have done extensive investigation of this site -- as have dozens of other paranormal investigators -- gathering a substantial amount of video and photographic evidence. The Warrens have even published a book about the cemetery: Graveyard.

What's the draw? Well, the star of the show is the White Lady, who has been seen by dozens of witnesses and even captured on video (most famously by Ed Warren) and in still images. She has been described as wearing a white gown (obviously), and having long black hair; apparently she's a bit of a prankster as her m.o. is to appear in the middle of Route 59 and be "hit" by a car, only for the poor shaken driver to stop, check and find no one. (Apparently your sense of humor doesn't leave you in the afterlife -- good thing!) Visitors have also reported seeing her floating among the grave stones. The ever-popular ghost globules and other spirit-type mists have often been captured digitially here also. Another spirit called "Red Eyes" (aptly named as it appears exactly as it it sounds -- red eyes glowing in the darkness) has also alleged to been seen here.

Legend has it that the White Lady is the spirit of a woman who was murdered in the 1940s after she had killed her husband; others think it was another woman who had been killed at the turn of the 20th century and had her body dumped in a sinkhole behind the church; still others believe it's the body of woman who died during childbirth and is roaming the earth searching for her lost child. Since no one has actually gotten her to sit down for a chat, her identity remains a mystery.

Our Damned Experience: I went to Union Cemetery with a friend back in August 2000, right around sundown -- we brought a camera (old school -- film!), waited for night to fall and snapped a bunch of pictures at random spots around the cemetery. We also explored behind the church, taking multiple pictures there also -- all of which yielded nothing upon development. It was a clear night, and we kept a sharp eye out for mists, globules, hands reaching up from the dirt or anything else unusual. Unfortunately, we did not witness anything other than the occasional leaf blowing past and lots of real quiet gravestones, nor were we covered with ectoplasm when we were done. I suppose we could've gone later in the evening when there was less traffic around and the spirits less shy, but we were there for a while without any sightings.


As I've indicated, we appear to have been in the minority as many others have claimed to have had experiences and seen unusual things there. Maybe next time.

Update: We returned to Union Cemetery on a cold winter's day in December 2008. Again, we didn't see or photograph anything otherworldly, although we did come across an odd set of footprints.

If You Go: The cemetery is strictly off-limits after sunset, and the Easton police are very active in keeping it that way. If you do decide to visit after dark, rather than encounter the White Lady, there's an excellent chance you'll run across the Men in Blue -- and rather than being the one taking pictures, you'll be the one having pictures taken of you (with a set of numbers across the bottom).


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Submitted by Randall (not verified) on
Hi, I'll be going there this weekend with some visiting relatives to pay homage to a couple of our ancestors. I'm a little nervous because I'm very "sensitive" and have had some scary experiences in the past. Still, I want to connect with my dear ancestor. I truly hope her soul is not trapped in an unhappy place. I plan to wear a crucifix.

Submitted by Julie (not verified) on
My sister Jaime and I visited the cemetery while she was still in college in 1998. She had met Ed and Lorraine Warren at a seminar at UMO. We stopped during the day taking pics and touring and then went back that night in the middle of hurricane force winds. (We really wanted to ghost hunt!!) We didn't see much, got some pictures of orbs, but nothing unusual. We stopped back on the way home to Maine around 09:30 entering together on the older side of the cemetery. I started taking pictures with a now antique 35 mm camera. Jaime decided she wanted to go back to her car and get the book Ed and Lorraine had written and her coffee. I did not see her come back into the cemetery. About 10 mins later I heard my name "JULIE" and turned around. No one was there. At this point I could see Jaime on the other side of the cemetery. I was puzzled more than anything and didn't snap a picture like I should have!! I will add that Jaime never calls me JULIE. she has called me JULES since she was a little girl. She is always JAMES. I have no idea who spoke my name, but it was nice to know that someone "knew" me even for a few mins. We also stopped in Dudley Town later that morning. I had problems loading new film into my camera (27) and lost about half of it. When the film was developed there were 27 pictures. I still can't explain that one, but didn't get anything useful. I would love to go back and see what we could get again. If anyone wants to come to Maine the Anderson Cemetery in Windham is the best haunting. A lot of activity in there. It dates back to the Civil War.

Submitted by Pat (not verified) on
I went to Union Cemetery back in 1997 and got some interesting pics. I posted them to my blogger site to share: http://patmallon.blogspot.com/2013/11/my-encounter-with-paranormal-or-photos.html

Submitted by Bpt Fran (not verified) on
In Oct 97 my three friends and I had just watched Ed and Lorraine Warren do one of their shows at Shelton high school.'we got so pumped up to go find some ghosts we drove from Shelton down to Easton. We just went on route eight. Anyways we found Union Cemetery pretty easily. It was a cold night, there was a tiny bit of fog in the area for some reason even though it had not rained for quite a while. By the time we got there we had slowly driven by and we all felt very "spooked out". We ended up parking on a side road right next to the cemetery and buy a Nother property that was also supposed to be haunted. To be quite honest there was nothing out there as far as people or cars or police went. We were there for about an hour total and we did not see anyone– Anyone living that is... My friend Ed told my other friend Mike not to get out of the car because he was scared that he was susceptible to the evil spirits that were in the area. Ed was practically in tears, shaking, begging us not to get out of the car because we were going to be possessed. We get out of the car anyways, even Ed. We walked around on the property that was also haunted next to Union Cemetery. Then we walked into Union Cemetery itself. I can't say that we saw anything, but we certainly felt something. I do not know if it was our nerves, we were just hyped up because we just saw the Warrens speak live or we wanted something spooky to happen so we were willing it to be. When we were in the car leaving we just felt heavy – if that makes sense. Such a heaviness fell over the car. As we were driving like I mentioned earlier there seem to be a lot of fog in the area and all of us at the same exact time saw something in the headlights of the car. The driver slammed on the brakes and we all got out and looked in front of the car and looked around the area but we saw nothing or heard nothing. We got back in the car and we turned on the radio and that song "walking on the sun" by smash mouth came on. We had this big sing-along and that immediately got rid of all of the tension in spookiness we felt. Like I said I don't know if what we felt in song was real or over active imaginations of young 20 something-year-old's or we were prime to be possess because of being hyped up over the Warren's performance, but it was a cool experience nonetheless. We were warned then that the police would ticket us and possibly arrest us if they caught us trespassing. Quite honestly the whole time we were there we did not see one car or one cop. It was probably stupid of us to do this because it was close to Halloween and late at night. I'm sure they watch it a a little more now than they did then I personally would love to go back. Now that I am older and have a camera and bond money..lolz

Submitted by Katerina (not verified) on
Excellent job! Those photos are really superb.

Submitted by Laurie Bradbury (not verified) on

Submitted by cryptorchid on
I went there today and I thought I heard children laughing. I assumed there must have been children nearby playing outside because there were some houses across the street but nobody was outside. Curious