Connecticut Curiousities

Eagle Rock, Hebron

July, 2014 by Ray Bendici

The Damned Story: Sitting proudly along the eastbound lane of Route 66 in the area of the Hebron-Marlborough border is Eagle Rock, a painted and patriotic landmark that has been watching over cars cruising up and down the road since 1989.

The Darn Man

January, 2014 by Ray Bendici

When it comes to eccentric Connecticut vagabonds, none is more renowned than the curious case of the Old Leather Man. But the mystery of the dapper Darn Man of eastern Connecticut is just as compelling.

Holy Land USA, Waterbury

July, 2010 by Ray Bendici

We've all seen it while driving along either Route 8 or I-84 through Waterbury: the huge crucifix high atop Pine Hill. Many already know about it, but the 50-foot high cross marks the spot that was once Holy Land USA. UPDATE: We make the pilgrimage to Holy Land and return bearing numerous photos.


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