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Art or A Warning?

March, 2010 by Ray Bendici
An odd discovery has been made in the streets and parking lots of the United States -- literally. As in the mystery can actually be found pressed into the asphalt in various places, including right here in Connecticut.

A Room for the Devil

March, 2010 by Ray Bendici
An upcoming book by renowned true-crime writer -- and Connecticut resident -- M. William Phelps chronicles the case of America's deadliest female serial killer, Amy Archer-Gilligan, a not-so-sweet woman who was the inspiration for Arsenic and Old Lace.

First in Flight?

March, 2010 by Ray Bendici
North Carolina license plates claim that state is "First in Flight." Well, there's evidence that the title, as well as the Wright Brothers' place in history, may be in dispute due to the little-known story of Connecticut's Gustave Whitehead.


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