Hookman's Cemetery, Seymour (Great Hill Cemetery)

May, 2013 by damnedadmin
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If you grew up in the Valley, you’ve probably been to Hookman’s Cemetery (Great Hill Cemetery) in Seymour late at night looking for paranormal activity. The version of the legend that I remember was that the cemetery caretaker, who had a hook for a hand, hung himself in a tree outside the cemetery. If you parked under the tree, your car would stall and you’d hear the hook scratching on your roof. I went there several times late at night when I was a kid and thankfully, did not encounter a ghost with a prosthetic hook. But there are some pretty cool CT Soul Seekers videos here and here. The last time I went looking for Hookman (a long, long time ago), my smart-ass friend ditched us outside the cemetery for what seemed like hours. It was pretty terrifying. So I want to see a show of hands in the comments: Have you ever been ditched at Hookman's Cemetery, or any haunted location?

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Submitted by Alexandra (not verified) on
In high school (2005) my friends and I went to the abandoned Fairfield Hills. As we drove on to the premises (there was no security guard, oddly) we noticed a big statue out in the field which was surrounded by all the buildings. My friends dared me to run out to the field and read what the statue had written. Meanwhile, they were SUPPOSED to keep the car's high beams on so I could see. When I got out to the statue & started reading, the head lights disappeared. I could see the brake lights in the distance... terrifying. I was 16, scared, and had left my phone in the backseat of the car, so I couldn't even use it as a light. I started running towards a building and stopped when I felt brick... then bars on the windows... UGH. They came back like 10 minutes later but it seemed like eternity to me. I'll never forget it. I also have a similar Hookman's cemetery story, except I didn't get left. I drove my boyfriend at the time to the supposedly haunted place. He jumped out of my car & hid for like an hour... all the while making weird noises & scratching my car. Hated him.

Submitted by David (not verified) on
When I was a kid Mid 70′s. My so called friends and I were partying behind Precious Blood Cemetery, Woonsocket RI. (rumored to be very haunted).I had way to much to drink and pased out. They took me and my lifeless state and put me near some old gaves in the worst part of the cemetery. I woke the next morning in a dense fog both my head and my surroundings and not having any idea where I was or how did I get there. A few moments I thought was I dead and went straight to hell for my deeds the night before.Then I realiized I was in the graveyard and didn’t know how to get out of there. I was so terrified and started to panic. Then I thouht hey I’m alive !! I knew because if I where dead my head probably hurt so bad. I finally made it home that morning and had some explaining to do, but no kidding the frist thing my mom said was holy mary mother of god you look like the walking dead.

Submitted by Paul Mac (not verified) on
Went here a few years back. I have heard of a few different legends, but when we went nothing at all. Cool back story and creepy cemetery but nothing really happened. A lot of the stones were interesting and had some very unique names on them. We wandered the woods for quite some time and heard some animal noises but that's about the some of it. Would love to revisit and check it out again though. I do have pics of the adventure and if Damned CT or anyone else would like to chat or see let me know. Email is musikjunkie4life@yahoo.com and my FB is https://www.facebook.com/randyrhoads3