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May, 2009 by Ray Bendici
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The Damned Story: One of the oldest cemeteries in the area, the Gunntown Cemetery in the Millville section of Naugatuck, dates back over two centuries to 1790, and features numerous headstones from the Colonial era. A smallish plot, it is enclosed by a stone wall and an iron gate, neither of which seem to contain the restless spirits alleged to roam this graveyard.

Gunntown Cemetery is a bit unique in terms of "haunting" in that there doesn't seem to be a particular well-known legend associated with the site to account for the supposed high level of haunting that occurs here, other than it being a very old cemetery. No tales of heinous crimes or tragic love stories to stoke the paranormal reputation, as it were. (Well, none that we could find any record of—if anyone knows of one, please feel free to share it.)

As for particular otherworldly phenomena observed here—some claim to have heard random music and the laughter of children; others have alleged that they've seen a man carrying a lantern leading a horse across the grounds, as well as a little boy playing by the back wall who simply vanishes. Still others have claimed to have glimpsed a black dog that also quickly disappears.

Those who have investigated here have recorded spirit orbs and mists, as well as numerous EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena). The Warrens have also visited Gunntown, and unsurprisingly, deemed it "officially haunted." Many who trek there at night suggest that there are strong feelings of dread, inexplicable drops in temperature, and a general sense of being creepy.

Oxford Past offers a list of those buried in Gunntown Cemetery.

Our Damned Experience: We visited Gunntown Cemetery on a bright summer morning in 2014.

Okay, not exactly prime time for ghost hunting, but since we always encourage our damned friends to visit places around the state without breaking the law or trespassing, this is what we share here.

Like most historic cemeteries in the state, many of the headstones that are still standing date back to Colonial times. A good number of men who have heroically served this nation buried here, including veterans of the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the Civil War. 

As we entered through the cemetery's lone gate, we noticed an odd thing right off the bat—the sounds of crickets and other chirping bugs were immediately amplified the moment we were inside the walls. Seriously, it got noticably louder, probably because the noise was bouncing off the stone walls (that completely enclose the graveyard) and back at us, sort of like being contained in a giant box of rocks. This might explain some of the auditory phenomena that visitors have experienced here.

We also noticed that there were swarms of gnats and other flying pests inside the graveyard that hadn't been around while we were outside. We attributed this to having stirred them up by walking through the longish grass. It doesn't look like this cemetery gets a lot of regular visitors or much care. Many of the shrubs have become overgrown and obscure graves and tombstones in some places. There were multiple stones under the large hydrangea below.


As we wandered around taking pictures, we thought it was a very quiet place, which can be a bit spooky for some in the middle of the day. Of course, the whole idea of what's scary or what constitues "a haunting" is a bit subjective. For instance, this one headstone below was off by itself in the back corner of the cemetery, and if you stare at the greenery behind it long enough and want to believe, your brain can trick you into seeing all sorts of "monster-like" faces howling in the leaves.

It's technically called pareidolia, in case you're wondering (and we knew you were).

So the visit was fairly uneventful except for one moment. When we were getting ready to take the picture below, the stick holding the flag on the left moved quite a bit all on its own. Like, it swung around about four to six inches without anyone touching it.

Now there was definitely a light morning breeze, and you can see that both flags are billowing a bit. But it was just weird how much the one flag moved—almost like it was coming to attention!—and the moment it chose to do it. Our hearts stopped for a second, but we realized it was just the wind, right? Right? Hmm ...

Other than that, we didn't experience anything unusual here. We didn't see the spirits of any old horsemen or ghostly dogs, nor did we hear anything otherworldly or particularly creepy. As you can see in the gallery below, there are many terrific old headstones in the Gunntown Cemetery, and any fan of history will appreciate what's visible here.

It is what's allegedly not visible where it can get interesting for others.

If You Go: Gunntown Cemetery is located on Gunntown Road in Naugatuck. From what we can tell, there are no set hours, and there are no "No Trespassing" signs.

That being said, the local police patrol the area regularly and frown upon after-dark visits—in other words, you will be arrested for trespassing at night. Although, as always, if you do decide to visit, please be respectful. And be careful parking as it's on a narrow road where cars go surprisingly fast.

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Submitted by Shellie Holland (not verified) on
Hi,I lived in Naugatuck,right up the hill from this place,and have been to the cemetery at night,I did not see or hear anything remotely strange while there unless you consider dogs barking odd.I also knew people who have been there and they also had not felt a presence or hear anything so maybe the ghosts weren't up to haunting us or maybe it's not truly haunted.

Submitted by Jeff (not verified) on
Hi Ray, Tasha and I have been to this place many many times and are planning on going there this weekend. This is my absolute favorite place to visit in CT. I will send you an email with further info about us. Thanks, Jeff

Submitted by ray manchisi (not verified) on
ah thats the problem with email you dont get to check it all the time.thanks for the email jeff (if its there i havent checked xD.)id to point out 1. im not shy about saying stuff online. 2. i dont have my license YET,and 3. i have a haloween party to host. srry if any of this is a problem but any weekend is fine again im sorry. T-T

Submitted by ray manchisi (not verified) on
theres no editing? whatever. i meant to say that i have a haloween party with a few freinds(2) saturdays a no go for me but maybe if your planing sunday i MIGHT meet you i think im part of your (group?)already. i need to stop doing that.

Submitted by Tasha (not verified) on
Hello, 2 of my friends and I started a small paranormal investiagtion group. We've visited this site many times and each of those times we've all witnessed some things. For one, we've had our EMF detectors go off many times and have found many cold spots where our thermometer readings dropped. Second, While I was sitting in the car outside of the cemetary alone, I saw a man in the back seat of the car. On another occasion, one of the other members also saw a female in the back of the car while she was alone as well. I have seen a figure in a black hooded cloak almost glidding along side the car as we drove past. This would go along with what some witnesse said of seeing a figure with a black hooded cloak riding a horse infront of the cemetary. I believe the site is haunted, and will continue to go back there until i find real evidence that it is not. Thank you.

Submitted by ray manchisi (not verified) on
srry but i got to point out that orbs are not ghosts merely a result of paranormal activity manefesting it's self. 2nd the warrens (though i respect them) dont use scientifc means to decide on a haunting therefor in my opinion the warrens popularity makes people look nto a case more simplly because they were there. p.s. tasha,are you looking for any more people to investigate with?do i need to sign up? :D email address

Submitted by Alicia (not verified) on
Hi, I live in Naugatuck and have never been in the cemetery at night, only during the day. But a group of my friends went one night and said before they even reached the actual cemetry...while walking from the car they felt a presence, heard a whistle then immediately afterward they heard a mans voice almost as if in their ears say "hello" I'm thinking about going soon but none of my friends will go back, haha.

Submitted by BK (not verified) on
My daughter used to go to these places with her friends and take pictures at night looking for orbs. I never believed in the orb thing, but in this peticular cemetary one night they went in after dark taking pictures and were clearly not wanted there. I would of never believed it sitting in the car waiting for them but they had many signs telling them to leave and my daughter came out with scratches down her back. I know she didn't have them when she went in and showed me that something scratched her and there they were all the way down her back. They don't go there anymore.

Submitted by Eric (not verified) on
Hello, this might sound silly but i am 15 years old and my friends and i go there alot. If u go again, do some research and find out the names of people and use them as triggers. Also, there has been alot of vandalism there lately, so if the cops see you or someone calls the cops, you will be kicked out. I have been to well over 30 cemetaries in CT and i have to say this is one of the most haunted ones out there. I have been kicked in my groin after my friend told the spirits to do it, i was shocked when i fell to the ground and saw my friends about 20 feet away.

Submitted by Lindsay (not verified) on
I have visited Gunn Town personally, and though I did not capture evidence of paranormal activity, I heard a lot of noise that was not coming from me and my friends. I couldn't pin point what the noise WAS exactly, but it sounded like other people were there when they weren't. There are also a large amount of children's graves which was enough to scare me into leaving.. BUT my older sister went with a couple of friends, and captured many pictures of misty orbs, and she set up a voice recorder. When she listened back, she captured distinct carousel music. I have heard it with my own ears, and there's no denying that that is what it was. Then one time shortly after, my sister was playing with a Ouija board (which I will not touch personally) with some friends in our basement. They claim they were speaking with a five year old ghost. The ghost said he followed my sister home from a cemetery because he liked her. They asked the ghost how it died. He said a fire. Now, I'm not a fan of ouija, and I was not there, so I can't say this information is 100% accurate, but if you read the rest of what I'm going to write, you will find this to be likely. That is, if you even believe in ghosts. I was driving near the cemetery with a couple of friends, about two years ago, and without mentioning my personal experiences with Gunntown, a friend told me that one time he was driving nearby and his friends and he all saw a carnival on fire. All of them saw it, and so they called 911, and the police said there was no carnival being held and thought the call was a prank. A ex co-worker of mine had also visited the cemetery. Also before I could tell him my personal experiences and what I have heard, he told me he went with some friends. My co-worker who I'll call Ryan and one friend went back to their friend's car because they were scared. His friend's cell phone was missing from his pocket, so when they went back to the cemetery to look for it, they were looking on the ground, assuming it fell out. It was on top of a stone wall. No one knows how it got there. They finally convinced their other friends to leave, and when they did, my coworker swears that carousel music was playing and sounded like it was actually coming from underneath their car. I think it goes without saying that they sped off. My current co-worker did some research last night and there was a huge carnival fire in 1944 in Hartford. It was one of the worst fires in American history. He searched "CT circus fire" on google. There were roughly 168 deaths, and 800 injured. No one knows how the fire started but one theory is someone tossed a cigarette into kerosine. All in all, I'll never go back lol

We as a team went to Gunntown earlier this month and captured a manifestation of Deacon Osborn (we believe it is him as he manifested at his wifes headstone) I am a life long resident of Naugatuck and have been to the cemetery many times over the years, I also like to bring toys to the childrens graves . I saw the comment on how a little boy is sometimes seen going over the back wall, If you go all the way to the back wall and to the right under brush, there is a headstone there of twins who passed very young, one a boy one a girl. You can see the pictures of the Deacon manifestation on Facebook, Hereafter Paranormal Investigations and Research~~

i would love to visit at guntown cemetery,since i live in hartford ct it kind of hard for me to get there,but i know if i visit i will hear noises or see something paranormal since i have alot of ghost encounters with the paranormal for years,That would love to share with the world but i dont lose hope to visit Guntown cemetery. sincerly L.M

Submitted by Christine S. (not verified) on
Lucy another place that you might want to check out if you ever get a chance is Lighthouse Park in New Haven. Many years ago I went there with 3 friends around midnight and there was no one else in the park other then us and we heard little kids laughing and the carousel music playing. I noticed that Lighthouse Park is not on here before I learned of this site I had informed another site called (but on that site they do not give you directions to get to places like this site). If you need directions or anything feel free to contact me Tasha if you are still looking for people I would love to join your group please feel free to contact me about your group thank you.

Submitted by Bob S. (not verified) on
I would recommend reading the book Chauncey Judd before going out there so you will get an idea who some of these people are that are buried their. Most of the land around it was up until at least the last 30 or so years was owned by the Wilmot's and the cemetery was named after a prominent family the Gunn's. In the book you will read about a cave called Dayton's den and it really isn't to far from there, now it is not easy to get into but easy to get too and in the 60's friends and I did try but even then is wasn't that easy. This area was well established at that time during the Revolutionary War and the Tories and the Rebels lived and fought in those hills although Waterbury was known mostly as having a fair share of Tories and the Rebels (against England) were doing there best to fight them. You are in a very Historic place in history.

Submitted by antoinette (not verified) on
i live in naugatuck still and my friends from high school told me that it is haunted but i don't know from experiance or anything but i did hear that you hear children laughing, old music, and chains rattling which is pretty scary and i wouldn't step foot in this place

Submitted by LS1326 (not verified) on
A couple of my friends and I went not long ago, and it's it really hard for me to say it is haunted or not. While one strange thing did occur, involving a dark mass gliding over the hood of my friends vehicle, and the gate closing and opening itself, it is very hard for me to say that I think it was haunted. There is a house very close to the cemetery and we had a person messing with us, by throwing rocks on the ground and making animal like sounds. It was a fun experience, and I will definitely go back again. But I would recommend to any one who wants to investigate Guntown, to make sure what they are getting is real evidence, and not some joker trying to scare you.

Went there this past summer, didn't physically see anything but did catch some anomalies on video and in still's. Here the site decide for yourself whats real.

Submitted by shelsie (not verified) on
Hey Everyone , I have been to Gunntown Cemetry four times and during my visits i havnt really seen alot. I may have to admit that the first time i was there at night i saw what appeared to be red eyes peeking over the stone wall at me and my cousin. My mom once told me a story on how when her and her friend went there and they saw the red eyes , her friend ended up getting possessed. Which me believeing in this type of stuff i didnt get scared i wanted to see if myself. But i just went tonite and i heared laugher that sounded like little girls. In my opinion Gunntown Cemetry is haunted but dont let this stop you from going and witnessing this yourself.

Submitted by beba (not verified) on

Submitted by kathy (not verified) on
umm ya NO this is NOT haunted! it's just a tiny little cemetery that was used for a couple families........ if people THINK they hear music, and noises, maybe its the cars driving on the road it's on?? its on a busy road, about 5 feet from it! AND there is a hamily home with children right behind it! and besides, spirits don't hang around cemeteries....... this is a bunch of (*$(R_+

Submitted by John Blizzard (not verified) on
Kathy, Are you nuts? The Warrens certified this place is haunted many years ago. I've seen myself what happens in this place at night. Go there at night in the dark and hang around and see for yourself if you dare. You are NOT wanted there at night I can tell you. You will be knocked down and scratched. I've seen it first hand. This is NOT a busy road, it's a desolate back road with very few houses around or cars going by. Go there yourself at night and talk to the spirits and see what happens.

Submitted by Cathy (not verified) on
Hi Josh, thank you for replying to my questions, I really appreciate it! I have sent you an email to the address you provided! Cathy

Submitted by Lynn (not verified) on
The cemetary is haunted. I grew up not too far from there and witnessed many strange things there. At times up until recently while driving to visit my parents there was a heavy mist or fog rolling across the road coming from the cemetary on a perfectly clear nite. Other people i shared this with have witnessed the same thing. While driving through that mist or fogg you can feel a chill go through your body. It scares me. As far as the houses near there they chose to build them there fairly recently but growing up they were not there and there was activity going on like shadowy figures and sounds well before familys moved there.

Submitted by cathy (not verified) on
HHmmm looks like I need to go back! I have a quesion, if anyone knows, why you seem to eperience things more at night? or even why all the "ghost hunting" shows only do their hunts at night? Just curious. Def want to go back to this cemetery. Maybe because I've heard so much about it, I expected more, or something to just jump out....... I dont know but def will go back :)

Cathy, There is a reason paranormal groups conduct investigations at night. The first thing is that, even though paranormal activity can happen at any time of day or night, there are what some investigators call the 'spirit hours', which are anywhere from about 10p until about 5a. Normally there is not a lot going on during these hours, so spirits can move around without being seen by the living. Many spirits actually don't want many people to know that they exist because like living people, who really wants hundreds of people coming in asking tons of questions about who the spirit is and what they are still doing here? The other reason is because most of the equipment paranormal groups use, such as camcorders, digital cameras, thermal cameras and DVR systems, are all infrared (black and white) or full spectrum (normally a pinkish tint to pictures or video). If groups, such as mine, tried to conduct an investigation during the day, our cameras would record color video and pictures. With so many colors within the videos and pictures, it makes it extremely difficult to make out anything paranormal because your brain is focusing on every color in the color spectrum. But with Infrared, your brain only has to focus on a greyscale which is much easier to determine if there is something paranormal in a video or picture. Full spectrum is the same, only your brain only has to focus on different shades of pink, which also makes it easy to determine if you have captured something paranormal in your videos or pictures. I am not saying you can't capture something paranormal using a regular digital camera or camcorder, but you have to have a really good eye because some things appear really quick in videos or blend in really well in photographs. My group uses a normal digital camera and we have capture quite a few strange photos over the past couple of years. If you ever have any photos you would like someone to look at, you can email them to me at and I will examine them for you. We are very skeptical about orb pictures though and in two years, we have not come across any real orb evidence. We can still take a look at them for you though if you would like. You can also browse our website to see some of our picture from investigations we have done as well as locations we have investigated. You can visit us at I hope all this information has shed some light on how and why we do investigations the way we do. - Josh Northeastern Connecticut Paranormal Association

Submitted by cathy (not verified) on
Ok so I wanted to post that I did go there at night. Last night. It was creepy, but that could just be because of it being a cemetery at night.... that kind of thing. However, I took a bunch of pictures and when I uploaded them found tons and tons of orbs in some of them.... so maybe there is something in there....... I must go back again!!

Submitted by karren (not verified) on
this place is haunted my sister went there and felt something tugging on her pants.the next morning she woke up with bruises on her legs and finger/hand prints on her that weren't there the night before.

Karren, There is the chance that whatever tugged at your sister's pants did leave those marks. If you want to ultimately determine if it was something paranormal, ask your sister if she felt any ice cold or extremely hot spots on her body, where she had the bruises and hand prints, while you were at the cemetery. These are usually indications that something paranormal touched you because normally the sensation of a heat change on your body, but not in the air or anywhere else on your body, could mean that an entity made physical contact with you. So ask her and see what she says if she remembers the whole night there. - Josh Northeastern Connecticut Paranormal Association

Submitted by Jeremy P (not verified) on
Me and 2 friends just went there. sat the for like an hour just trying to provoke something and my friend was taking pictures. After about 45 minutes nothing really happened and he only got a few orbs that just seemed to be moths. We're willing to go back another time but we just don't think anything unusual happens there. Another group of people showed up as soon as we were about to leave.

Submitted by BK (not verified) on
To Josh: Interesting site you have. I never believed in this stuff. My daughter spent some time in Guntown taking pics one night, and when she came out she had been knocked down when her friends were in a different area of the cemetary and when she came out she had scratches all the way down her back. If I had not seen this with my own eyes, I would of never believed it. I know she didn't have those scratches when she went in. I saw her fall and get up, call to her friends and then they all got out of there. I was just sitting in the car waiting for them to finish taking their pictures. She doesn't go back anymore. I don't blame her.

Submitted by Robert Taggett (not verified) on
I have to admit I was in the cemetary at night back in 2008 to check out the Hauntings that I had heard about. . It was very dark with no moon out. I heard a rumbling sound that sounded very strange. I had never heard anything like that before. It was about 2:30am. It scared the "-hit" out of me. I could not see anything in front of me. All of a sudden I bumped into something big and metal like. It Was A Police Car and Tommy Conway was inside asleep snoring. Christ, I thought it was a ghost or something. Now that I think of it... It sounded like a baby bear

Submitted by Mark (not verified) on
I just went to Guntown Cemetery tonight with a couple friends and my girlfriend. It was about 12:20 AM, all of us seen orbs coming from the same area (far behind the house, basically in the field). Also, my girlfriend seen a shadowy mist floating in front of one of the graves near the gate, which disappeared a couple seconds after. My friend decided to leave early because he didn't want the cops seeing us (Naugy cops are known to be d**ks), he was leading the way and right as he was walking through the opening he let out a yelp of pain, he says it felt like somebody jammed their finger into his neckbone. He definitely wasn't faking, and I plan on going back sometime and staying for longer.

Submitted by Donna&Natasha (not verified) on
Hi to all who read this post. I visited this location yesterday and wanted to comment. While my friend and I were there we did hear children laughing and playing beyond the cemetary walls but upon futher investigation we found that there is a house and a play yard behind and there were children playing. We also heard music but that was coming from the house also. However we took tons of photos and in most of them when you zoom into the grass it seems to have RUN written in the grass, in those photos there also appears to be faces in the picture as well. We both thought that is was weird that these little flys were attacking us while we were in the cemetary and followed us to the car and in the car. When we were leaving there was a sound like someone kicked the car when we looked back no one was there.

Submitted by Ally (not verified) on
I have visited this cemetery at night about two years ago with my sister and three other people (in which two of them didn't even want to get out of the car) in mid October. It's unusually quiet for an area with residents surrounding. It's also very dark. There are police that patrol the area, but not all the time. They probably have better things to do than to guard a insignificant graveyard from teenagers and curious people. You just have to be really quiet so neighbors won't call the cops and don't park near anyone's house (it's obviously suspicious). But the police do come by from time to time. And definitely don't go there on Halloween, you will most likely get busted. My sister is a very spiritual and senses ghosts and other paranormal entities (I'm a bit like that myself). As to the claims of hearing a man's voice and children's voices, I think I have the answer to that. The entities my sister has sensed: a little girl (sort of shy depending on if she likes you or not), a sailor near the entrance, a man hanging on a tree by a noose (we spotted what we believe to be that ghost when we visited, it was a bright white figure in the back of the cemetery and it couldn't be a tombstone because all of them are dark and hard to see at night), another man standing next to him, some sort of entity that crawls (creepy I know), and that's about it. Except for the grims in the woods across the street! For anyone who believes in the supernatural or legends, grims are omens of death taking form in either human or animal, usually a black dog. When we were in front of the entrance next to our car, a loud rustling sound came from the woods behind us. It sounded like someone was hiking through branches and leaves right on the edge of the woods. But there wasn't anything there, no deer or mischievous teens. My sister ran into the car and me and my friend followed after we saw her dash to the door when she got spooked. It was only until after we drove off that she told us about the grims lurking in the woods across from the cemetery. If you don't believe in stuff like that, all I can say is that there is something very unusual and paranormal going on at that graveyard.

Submitted by lissy (not verified) on
well im from waterbury very close to naugatuck and me, my brothers and sisters and friends and nephews been planing on going ghost haunting for the past week. so we finally decided to go saturday yesterday, so we googled ct most haunted places so this gunntown cemetery shows up and we decided thats where we were going. mind you its a whole bunch of us three adult males in they late 20s and early 30s. 5 adult females late 20s also. and three young kids who were dying to go ghost haunting lol. anywaa so is a bunch of us in two different cars so when we finally get there we are excited but scared at the same time we all had our own flash light and my brothers truck got them high beam lights really beaming lmao. so anyway the place is in the bundocks like no light whatsoever nothing but trees and the cemetery, when we were about to get off the car this house behind the cemetery which we wasnt aware of just all of a sudden turned on all the lights all at once which was really creepy cuz i can say if they were turning on one by one fine but they all turned on and we all saw a figure in the house just walking back in forth really fast like for 30 seconds then all lights turn off not one was left on and then a black figure appeared infront of our car windows we halled ass. we were screaming sweating freaked out we bounced like punks. but i am very curious about going back but not at night hell no but will like to know if theres ppl actually living in that house. cuz who the hell will live in the bundocks surrounded by nothing but woods next to a haunted graveyard. seriously im going back i just need brave ppl around with me. creepy as hell

Submitted by dee (not verified) on
I have been to Guntown many times...............last visit was a couple of weeks ago when I was photographing , during the day, some headstones for the Find a Grave website. As I headed towards the back right hand corner of the cemetery, I heard children laughing and playing...........although there is a house with children behind the cemetery, you can see the backyard with a swing set, there was not a child in one was outside. There is a family , mother, father, a son and daughter and the family dog, buried in the right hand corner in the rear of the cemetery............the headstones are covered in over growth of weeds and bushes so you really have to look for is my belief that these are the children that I heard playing and laughing..........the dog that has been mentioned by others, is probably the family pet.....I have also been there at night, curious to photograph and see what showed up, I was rewarded with many orbs.............I do not find the cemetery frightning, but rather a calm and peaceful place

Submitted by Barb (not verified) on
Captured a FACE near Larmens grave on my Digital/SLR , Awesome!!!

Submitted by Amanda (not verified) on
Hi me and a few friends went to guntown last night. There is 100% something very eerie about this place. We saw creepy green eyes staring at us in the distance without shining a flashlight over there. When we did the animal the size of a medium dog walked behind a head stone and vanished. We then saw a small creepy black kitten sitting ontop of a head stone. It had a little pink bell on its neck. It was tiptoeing around something and it looked very nervous about where it was stepping. I went to take a picture and it stepped into the bushes and tiptoed away. We then walked to the completely opposite side and saw the green eyes again. Looked on the stone wall with flash lights, it was the exact same black cat with a pink bell. There is no way in hell that cat got from one side of he cemetary to the other faster then we did the way it was tiptoeing. Creepy! Then my brother was talking to them asking who was there and we wouldn't hurt them. Not even 5 minutes later my friend saw a black us have figure swoop 3 feet above my brothers head and disappear into thin air. When I looked up (I swear on my children) I saw the exact same thing. As I was telling them I did, my brother got chills all over his body and years rolling down his cheecks. He didn't even see it and something gave him the chills. One last thing something touched my butt, either a small hand or only 3 or 4 fingers but it pushed me gently. My friends where now where near me. That place is haunted and I can't wait to go back!!!

Submitted by Scuba steve (not verified) on
I'm planning on going REALLY soon with a couple other people, let me know if anybody is interested

Submitted by wyatt (not verified) on
I went there a lot years ago .have heard children playing on many occasions .I was sitting in about the center of the cemetery when heard little girl say hello what are you doing.if you decide to go becaruefu me and somefriends were there and were assaulted and not by spirits so just use caution we had three cars block us in the peoples were dressed in all black a friend and I were punched we managed to get into my truck I use my truck to such the cars block they then chased us down a few back roads till they crashed trying to catch me. still one of my favorite places

Submitted by Cathy (not verified) on
Hello I have been to gunntown many times and pre houses being built in the back. What I have seen and video taped and photographed would make your hair stand up. I have heard children in the back field (pre house) laughing , music playing, a black hooded figure rode on a horse right by myself and a friend and a EVP of a little girl Yelling "were all alone" as a photo was taken the night I got the evp and the photo shows a little girl running into the back corner where all the brush is on the right. and my son has a photo published from here. it looks like demand . I have so many photos of different mist, orbs (all different color ones) faces, the list of stories can go on and on. I no longer live in the area but I can say I have been there well over a 50 0r so times in a few years. I have had scratches , pushed, and grabbed also during my visits there. I know this cemetery is haunted

Submitted by Liz.B (not verified) on
Hello, I've lived in Naugatuck my whole life and l found out that guntown is actually right over an Indian burial ground I don't know what tribe it was exactly but that whole area was Native American land. When they stopped digging shallow graves and started digging 6feet they found some Indian remains I guess. I've also heard that the the area behind guntown and woods across guntown and the woods around the rez are just as haunted as the cemetery which would make sense I always get bad vibes and hear weird things when I'm in those woods. Everytime I go to guntown my mother comes with me and neither of us can go in the back left corner we both get immense feelings doom and hear what sounds like an animal in the bushes but there's no animal but my step dad and brother can go back they're no problem. It makes me mad how many people go there as a joke or to med around. That's not something that should be taken lightly it's haunted and if you piss off the spirits they can attach themselves to you and follow you.

Submitted by Dan (not verified) on
I've visited the cemetery a few times at night..always got a the sensation of being watched but nothing hostile. Virtually all pictures taken at the cemetery at night will be "fogged" out, even if you hold your breath...usually appears as many thin orbs, so numerous that they fog out the image. Ectoplasmic vapor trails are also common. I haven't tried taking EVP's yet. The area near the bridge at Long Meadow Pond, a location close to Gunntown, is also highly active. When fishing at night or around dusk I've experienced genuine poltergeist activity, as an unseen force played with the handle on my car door, pulling it up and snapping it back. This has happened more than once. The first time i wasnt alone. The second time, I admittedly started talking to it...asked it to let me know it was still around. and it obliged:). Creepy but fascinating.

Submitted by Brittany (not verified) on
I came here one night with some friends, we parked down the road and walked to the cemetery. During our walk there, I heard kids singing “Ring Around the Rosie” and laughing. I thought it was unusual since it was so late at night, so I had my friends stop walking and be quiet, nobody heard what I heard. It wasn’t until a few years ago, my friend told me this is one of the supposed stories people have of this place.

Submitted by Sherrie (not verified) on
The gravesite of the children in the far right corner of the cemetery are my grandmother’s (Anna Krodel Ostrom – wife of the Chief of Police in the 60′s Richard Ostrom) brother and sister. To my knowledge they were not twins. I believe one of the children drowned. William Krodel my great grandfather was the founder and owner of the Krodel Foundry in Waterbury. As I live in MA and have no reason to visit Naugatuck it has been years since I have been to the Gunnery Cemetery. Someday I hope to return to the cemetery to unveil the gravestones that I have learned are now overgrown. Your stories of the hauntings are interesting. As for the story of the fire – that story was never mentioned as a contributing factor to the deaths of my grandmother’s siblings.

Submitted by nick algren (not verified) on
I heard that back in the 1700s or the 1800s a little boy named Chauncey Judd was kidnapped and killed on gun-town road in Naugatuck CT. I have had some strange things happen while on that road after 2 am. For instance me and some friends heard screams of a little kid.

Submitted by hector (not verified) on
hi my names hector iv been to this cemetery only once in my life. but yesterday was my 1st time iv ever been there and iv have not heard anything creepy... maybe I have to devote my self to understand the creepy stuff.

Submitted by hector (not verified) on
my friends and I went there, my friend matt said he felt really creped out nothing iv read arnt the things iv saw. the only creepy thing I saw was that a man was waiting half a mile away and when we left the guy grove quickly towards us. and wanted to talk to us.

Submitted by Brandon (not verified) on
My friends and I have been here 4 times and each time we experienced something or caught something on camera or recorded an evp...We've caught orbs on camera, strange mists, there was even a cat there one time who was actually very friendly that sort of hung out with us while we were there and he at one point turned away from us and started hissing in a direction where nothing was. The last time we were there about a week ago we were taking a bunch of pictures and every time we took a picture of one particular grave stone it was blacked out....we used multiple cameras all with the same result. was as if something was standing in front of it.