Fairfield Hills State Hospital, Newtown

January, 2017 by Ray Bendici
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The Damned Story: Opened in 1931 to help alleviate the overcrowding at other state mental hospitals, Fairfield Hills housed "mentally ill" (aka "the criminally insane") patients from across the state. Built on over 770 bucolic acres, the 16 buildings—all connected by underground tunnels—were home to over 4,000 patients when filled to capacity. Like many of its patients, Fairfield Hills projected an outward image that seemed quite pleasing; what was happening inside behind closed doors and out of the public eye, however, was alledgedly much darker and disturbing.

As you might expect, Fairfield Hills was typical in its treatment of the mentally ill—electric shock therapy, hydrotherapy, psychosurgery and frontal lobotomies were common early on, resulting in a few suicides and "mysterious" deaths. Stories of abuse and cruelty were rampant. In short, it wasn't a happy-smiley, fluffy-kitty and shiny-rainbow type of place.

With less and less patients being treated there, Fairfield Hills was closed by the state in 1995. And that's when it seems the troubles began.

Because of its classic stately hospital look (red brick buildings, tall white columns, etc.), and its long, cruel history, it was used as a setting for the movie Sleepers as well as for MTV's "Fear." And as any abandoned mental hospital that's been on TV will do, it's brought a bevvy of paranormal investigators, psychics, abandoned-site explorers and other trouble seekers, who have claimed to have found evidence of hauntings, although no specific ghost/spirit/story is synonymous with the place.

Old hospital, underground tunnels, cruel history—must be haunted, right? Right? As with many hauntings, no definitive proof or evidence, just a lot of odd experiences and unusual claims.

In 2009, the town refurbished the property to an extent. The tunnels were filled in and a few of the buildings were renovated; some now hold municipal offices while others are used for commercial purposes. The property was also cleaned up, hiking trails and sports fields have been added, and much of the grounds are open to the public as a recreational area. 


Although the original history casts a shadow for some, most visitors now just enjoy a peaceful, parklike and family-friendly site. 

Our Damned Experience: Are the Hills alive with the sound of patients past? We have yet to be checked in for an examination.

If You Go: As mentioned, the Fairfield Hills Campus has seemingly had its demons exorcised by the city of Newtown, and is now open to the public. Some buildings are still closed off, but the majority of the property is open to exploration. 

Be warned, however: If you listen carefully, you still might hear shrieks and screams—of kids playing and having fun. 



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Submitted by Christine (not verified) on
Did anyone happen to make it inside the morgue before it was knocked down? I'd be interested to hear about what it was like in there. If not, has anyone ever experienced anything weird at the site where it used to stand?

Submitted by Christine (not verified) on
@Sean I apologize for the delayed response I just saw your reply now. If you want to email me at christine.leo@purchase.edu I'd be happy to answer any questions you have!

Submitted by sanasana (not verified) on
The mentally ill are not "AKA the criminally insane". Must you be so blatantly a douche-bag?

Submitted by A (not verified) on
I live in Newtown and love to walk at Fairfield Hills. Although there are some new buildings that have been renovated over the old buildings, the vast majority of the buildings are still standing. The feel of the place as you walk by the buildings is definitely eerie. Just three weeks ago, I took my friend there and we drove over to the Cochran House and looked in the windows. Lots of papers, few chairs, lumber, etc. But it feels like a vacuum the minute you get close and stick your head in the window, very quiet and somehow dark, even if the sun is shining. We wandered over to a metal door with the high glass window knocked out. There was no light coming in and whatever room was on the other side was completely black. I was too afraid to get too close, but my friend put his iPhone 5 up in the window and snapped two quick pictures in succession, no flash. What we saw was astounding ~ a full body apparition manifesting itself. In the first picture, you see a bald man from the waist up, very faintly, standing there in the middle of the room, apparently looking right at my friends camera. He was obviously dressed in some sort of white hospital gown. In the second picture, he becomes even clearer and it appears as a double exposure, as if he's actually moving TOWARDS the window - as if he's flying at the window - so it seems the pic was snapped the minute he decided to "fly" towards the window, leaving a white mist behind him and his face appears AGAIN in the lower corner of the pic, but is huge, like he's right in front of the camera! And just as my friend snapped the second picture and was looking at it, still standing in front of the door, I felt a "whoosh" of freezing cold air hit my bare right arm, as my arms were crossed in front of me. My crazy guess is that this apparition actually came out of the window and flew right past me, in broad daylight. I FELT something, some cold enery brush against my arm and my hair stood up. In the pictures, this man, who was very obviously a patient there, manifests so clearly, it's breathtaking. I'm going to send the pics to the guys at Ghost Adventures. This happened exactly three weeks ago to the day. I'm actually so creeped out by the pics that I'm having a hard time seeing them again. I believe with all my heart that there were some very sad occurances that happened at this place and that there is some spirit activity that remains. I'm not against anyone who is sincerely interested in the paranormal trying to gain access to the location, but please be respectful to the location and the spirits that have passed there.

Submitted by steve (not verified) on
Sounds legit...

Submitted by Ellen Dages (not verified) on
I wonder how profitable CT bonds were back then. You'd think with Newtowns historical high net worth this property would continually make an impressive gravy. I planted 6 tomatoes, 28 green beans, 16 lettuce, 8 cukes, 18 peppers, & 18 eggplant. A meat seed would be nice as would a Fairfield Hills conversion into a fish hatchery.

Submitted by Ellen Dages (not verified) on
They can name it The Lexington Hatchery.

I spent a lot of time at Fairfield Hills I know the place well I was at A.D.A.M house in 77 till 78 in and out Fairfield House,Cochran house,Canaan,and Litchfield house . Another words I was there between 1977 and 1985 I suffered with drug,alcohol and mental health problems. I spent many days exploring the grounds the "Loop" the tunnels I saw a lot , it was my life for awhile I worked In the tunnels I ran the food cart I worked the laundry which was located in the tunnels. I never had a bad moment,however the most dangerous patients were on the 3rd floor which was looked at all times I was there too still never had a bad experience. I used to hang out at the "Snack & Chat " they sold hamburgers and coffee and all snackable items they had a jukebox a lot of fun

Submitted by Jane (not verified) on
My Dad, brothers and myself spent summers bailing hay in the surrounding fields. One day a patient hopped in a truck and stopped by my dad on the tractor and asked him how to get on 84. LOL! Guess he didn't like it there anymore! Well he didn't get very far my Dad pulled him out of the truck. Years ago people would drive there and admit themselves, park their car and walk in. One day a guard gave me a peak at one the underground tunnels. Just cold and lighting was poor. Sad to think how many people were abused or even died in the hands of the so-called normal staff. er

Submitted by Courtney (not verified) on
the fact that they turned some of the buildings into a sports center creeps me out

Submitted by Howie (not verified) on
I went to NHS from 2004 to 2008. We would run there for tack and cross country. When security wasn't around we would go in the buildings, run through the tunnels, etc. There was one entrance behind the intermediate school in the woods near the train tracks. VERY EERIE, we saw some old wheel chairs, surgical tools, and equipment. We saw the laundry room, the old boiler room and of course THE MORGUE. Omg the morgue was so damn creepy, my friends and I would close each other in the metal body lockers and do a whole bunch of stuff that jack ass kids like to do. That was always a blast! I'm currently a photographer, during my time as NHS I would borrow this old polaroid camera from one of my teachers. Since I was there all the time running anyway I'd figured that I would test this out at fairfield hills. I took pictures of all of the buildings, went into the tunnel entrance (that they were even trying to block back then but with dry wall! lol) and took pictures of the morgue and everything. A few days my teacher had processed the photos. She ran into in the hallway at school and she seemed very excited yet terrified, she said, "you've got to come see this?" I replied, "What is it?" and she said, "You won't believe it until you see it." We walk to the schools dark room in the graphic arts room and she shows me a picture of the front entrance to the guard building closest to miles hill road. I didn't see anything at first so she told me to take a closer look. She processed the lighting and clear as day, their was a white gowned nurse standing at the window looking right at me! It was crystal clear; she had a long aged faced, you could even see her hair parted on the side of her cap. I showed it to people all the time, telling them that all that paranormal stuff is real in some aspects. My teacher scanned it and made a copy of it. A few years ago the photo surfaced online, I'm assuming she thought it would make her famous or something. I haven't been able to find that photo since but it was an incredible experience and it made me believe. PERIOD. I could talk about the grounds all day but what brought me to this blog was this; aside from being a photographer, I am also an up and coming filmmaker writing a screenplay about a security breach in an insane asylum during the 1960's. If anyone who resided there, was a doctor or patient there during that time wouldn't mind discussing their experiences. Please feel free to contact me at tkdman128@aol.com. Thanks!

Submitted by Christine (not verified) on
The tunnel behind the powerplant is still there, every time I tried to go it was flooded, does anyone know where it leads?

Submitted by David (not verified) on
I have been to fairfield hills, me and two friends. Now first let me tell you. NONE OF US BELIEVE IN ANYHTING SUPERNATURAL, we simply went to Fairfield Hills to prove there was nothing to be afraid of. Bot of them are marines and aren't afraid of anything, remember that. We Had to go without flashlights so as to sneak past the patrolling guards. With bolt cutters in hand and me leading the 3 of us, we made our way into the courtyard of what i believe was the 'Copley" building or a similar name. We made our way through the courtyard to a bay door locked with a chain and padlock. With both friends right behind me, I went to cut the padlock, but as soon as I touched the cutters to the lock, they dropped out of my hands. I say dropped, but at the time it felt like they were ripped clean out of my hands, but it makes me feel a bit better to say dropped. As I bent over to pick up the cutters I heard a noise behind, I stood up and turned around to see both of my friends running full speed out of the courtyard, so obviously I ran after them, they ran and ran and did not stop until getting back to car, which was parked a good ways from the hospital so the guards didn't see it. When I finally caught up to them at the car, I asked them "what the fuck is your problem guys", they both looked dazed, they looked like, well.. they looked they had seen a ghost, if you will. After a moment of calming down I asked again, what happened? then my friend Chaz, the fearless marine, told me that when I bent over to pick up the bolt cutters, there was a white silhouette of women's face staring at him, directly where my head had been. My oth friend Eric said he wasn't paying attention to me at the time, but that he had gotten extreme chills standing in the courtyard, and when Chaz ran, he couldn't help but follow. Now as if this weren't enough to creep me out what happened next still haunts me to this day. Our car had been locked the entire time we were gone, nobody had broken into it, and the car was hidden anyway. Now when we got in to the car to leave, my friends in the front, and me in the back seat, Chaz turned to say something to me, but instead, gave me a few good punches to the arms and legs and called me an asshole. what did I do? i asked, "Don't be stupid" he said, "I know you wrote that, dick" and pointed to the back window of the car. I turned around, and my heart sank.. written in the fog of the window, on the INSIDE of the car in rough shaky handwriting, it simply said "help me".. My friends flipped on me, they had to believe it was me to stay sane, and to this day they still believe it was me and Chaz refuses to ever talk about the silhouette he saw again. For them its easy, they can tell themselves I wrote it and Chaz can blame the silhouette on a hundred different anomalies. But I swear I did not write it, no one else could have and I have no I can pretend did it. The writing, the fear in Chaz's face after running away and the cold hollow feeling that place gave will be with me for the rest of my life. Believe it or don't, I couldn't care less.. But I'm telling you.. STAY AWAY FROM FAIRFIELD HILLS< STAY AWAY

Submitted by James Tully (not verified) on
I need to find a staff member who worked at Fairfield hills around September of 1969 through 1970 I think my mother Nancy V Bishop was in bridge water house at Fairfield hills been trying to find info for 25yrs Nancy's birthday is 10/15/1942 please if you have any info call me at (520)303-8070 name is James please need help

Submitted by Dr William Hester (not verified) on
I worked at FFH from 1971-1975 as a psychologist. Many fond memories and some not so pleasant..my first patient who committed suicide. Hanged herself in her room. I found her. No haunting experiences. Randy Hester Dallas TX

Submitted by Lim Lynn (not verified) on
@Rachel you must be joking. @Janis this website feature in Youtube Enterthe5tarz. @David Help ask to help them crossover to the other realm. Well, in Malaysia everyone know the most common wisdom ghost are every where. Whether, they were killed suddenly, didn't realize that they died or they still love the place that's why they stay there.

Submitted by Heather (not verified) on
My grandmother was a nurse at FFH when she was right out of nursing school. She told me stories of the horrors she witnessed and at one point, let me read the journal she kept while she was there. Mostly it talks about the blood curdling screams. I used to live in Sandy Hook and would go walking or biking there with my nephew and cousins. Im a bit of an empath, so it scared the hell out of me just being on the property. A few years later, I took some friends back (during the day, when it's totally legal to be there and walk around) and we toured the property with my grandmother on speakerphone explaining what building was what (she refused to go back there with us and to this day, never went back after she stopped working there). We were there about two or so hours, walking the property and exploring everything - this was before they started remodeling and tearing buildings down. They were actually JUST in the process of moving the Newtown Town offices in. We came in two separate cars - me and my friend J in my car and my friend A, who lives in Danbury, in her own car - and met at FFH. When we left, both J and I got incredibly, incredibly ill and couldn't even leave Newtown for about an hour. Thankfully, I have family there and we crashed in with them until we were well enough to head home. It's one of the oddest things I have ever experienced, especially considering there was absolutely nothing strange going on while on the property. Though I have been past the facility, I have not been back to it since. That was almost 4 years ago now. Anyone who wants to talk or has questions about different experiences there, feel free to email me: shubertgoddess AT gmail.com I have pictures somewhere.

Submitted by HD (not verified) on
Well, I was 10 years (1985) old when I was informed that the man I called my father for so long was not. I was showed a pic of my biological father. My mother (whom had substance abuse and mental health issues herself) decided that I should meet him. I remember driving down to Fairfield Hills in her MG midget. We arrived at Fairfield Hills Mental Hospital, not that I knew what it was then. My father was a patient there, I remember the ambiance and atmosphere being like it was out of a Stephen King or Dean Koontz novel. Green tiling, moaning and crying from the other residents. Never knew what my father was there for. Later on in life learning what went on there. Unfortunately, a month after I had met my father, my mother signed him out and he hung himself. I now work in the social service field to assist those who struggle as my parents did. Very creepy now that I know what went on!!!!

Submitted by HD (not verified) on
Well, I was 10 years (1985) old when I was informed that the man I called my father for so long was not. I was showed a pic of my biological father, Lee M. Daigle. My mother (whom had substance abuse and mental health issues herself) decided that I should meet him. I remember driving down to Fairfield Hills in her MG midget. We arrived at Fairfield Hills Mental Hospital, not that I knew what it was then. My father was a patient there, I remember the ambiance and atmosphere being like it was out of a Stephen King or Dean Koontz novel. Green tiling, moaning and crying from the other residents. Never knew what my father was there for. Later on in life learning what went on there. Unfortunately, a month after I had met my father, my mother signed him out and he hung himself. I now work in the social service field to assist those who struggle as my parents did. Very creepy now that I know what went on!!!!

Submitted by thunkerdrone (not verified) on
the second biggest recruitment hub for the Church of Satan is located a five minute drive from Fairhills Mental Hospital I kid you not , read this article and check the map http://www.conspiracy-cafe.com/apps/blog/show/21540346-welcome-to-the-church-of-satan-newtown-ct see it here, less five minutes away from the Church of Satan headquarters in Newtown mapped out on google maps: http://goo.gl/maps/KjDsa

Submitted by thunkerdrone (not verified) on
It is said that a total of sixteen buildings are linked by tunnels, this place was huge , containing 4,000 people, that is like a small town in itself, and it had to feed, house, clothe, bathe etc. that number of dependent people. It must have been the main reason for the existence of the entire town in the first place, and the location originally chosen for its isolation south of Rocky Glen State Park etc. At a guess , with that large a number of tunnels and basements linked, there may well have been an underground complex aspect to it, remaining unknown or secret to this day.

Submitted by thunkerdrone (not verified) on
What raises the alarm bell to me is how easily so many of these places just seemed to empty out , as if they had served some larger purpose and whatever was really going on there, its sort of 'mission accomplished', and so its all phased out. So it goes that we never really know what this whole gigantic network of Kirkbrides and electroshock labs and experimental prisons was created for , what all that money and effort was expended on for roughly one hundred years (1860 -1960). My suspicion is that the whole thing was used for military purposes and mkultra. My suspicion is that Mk Ultra is FAR older than most know. Mk Ultra, imo , is a fancy modern day term for the occult dating back forever, even farther back than the HEllfire Clubs and the Tower of London, all the way back through history , through to ancient slaving techniques and dungeons and secret rituals and techniques to brainwash and enslave people. Terrifying drugs and torture combinations , extending into places such as Kingston Penitentiary and Pennsylvania State Prison.

Submitted by Jack Novak (not verified) on
I am interested in contacting anyone who has state there or any other ct institutions please if you are willing to talk please feel free to email novajack12@gmail.com

Submitted by dr. gonzo (not verified) on
Was there as a legal dodge a year and a half until it closed in '95, the place is haunted and many patients died including one that was put in restraints in a room during winter in a room with a broken window with only bars on it. He died of exposure that was in the building they housed dangerous male patients. Fairfield House I think back in the 70's. . The tunnels are haunted many patients were sexually abused or killed themselves there. I found the place very dreary and creepy and the staff were mostly ok a couple of females workers were more than happy to provide sex therapy for me, LOL! Not kidding this occurred at all of the state hospitals I had the pleasure of doing time in, but by far Fairfield Hills was the easiest to do time in ,I actually was able to smuggle a six pack back from a shopping trip they took us on and I gave a poor institutionalized older guy named Bill his last beer before he passed a year later.RIP Bill. Overall the workers were better than whiting, cvh or Norwich hospital workers ,those people were real sadists and deserve to be trapped as patients themselves in purgatory for a couple of centuries! Avoid all the all abandoned state hospitals they are full of asbestos and toxic mold as well as the spirits of long dead ,suffering patients who led lives of despair and should be left alone to rest in peace.

Submitted by dr. gonzo (not verified) on
sorry I didn't know that there was another dr. gonzo posting on this site,we are not the same person.

Submitted by Gabby (not verified) on
I for one can say that the police force does not stick around to keep people away. My younger brother has basketball practices in one of the buildings over there (the town knocked down buildings and built new rec rooms that have basketball courts in them). I went around the site for a good two hours while he was practicing, and while going around, I saw a total of TWO police cars. They circled the buildings, and then left. BUT, I do have a paranormal (maybe not, but I think so) experience. I was sitting outside of one of the buildings. It was not a building used for the patients, but It looked like a parks and rec office, where people could sign up for memberships to the new buildings. May I add, the lights were off in the office, and the door was locked. All the sudden, the lights flicker JUST IN THAT BUILDING about 5 times over a 7 second span. Needless to say, I bolted it. OTHER: my friend's paranormal experience One of my good friends loves to take pictures, and he went to Fairfield hills to shoot on the grounds and in a few of the buildings that had yet to be restored. After he had gotten out of the building, he had taken one last shot of the building he had just exited. While we were in photography class the next day, he was going through his camera, and he flips out. The photo that he had taken of the building contains a face, which had appeared to be in immense pain and screaming. It was completely white, but the eyes and mouth were black. SCARY. Also- in some of the buildings, you can easily fall through the floorboards ( I know from personal experience) BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU GO IN. I don't condone it, due to it being illegal, but if you do, be very careful where you step in some of the buildings!

Submitted by NotU (not verified) on
went in tonight. creepy, had experiences. email @ boardrdr180@gmail.com

Submitted by star (not verified) on
I was told that I had to ask permission to take pictures of the Asylum , They do not want anyone taking pictures due to the respect of the patients . There is still a part of the asylum that is opened and has patients there .

Submitted by Ben (not verified) on
I went there about a month ago with a couple of friends. We scoped it out during the day and decided to come back at night. While driving to find something to eat, we found an abandoned factory right down the road. So we went inside and explored a little. While in the factory we noticed a stone foundation farther into the woods, so we decided to explore further into that. Across a river and a good 5 minute walk into the woods, we found an abandoned farm and a house, right next to some train tracks. After exploring a little more there, we headed back to the asylum. We got inside of the Cochran House and immediately went to the basement. After exploring the basement we found the underground tunnels. After entering, one of the people i was with claimed to have seen a face in his camera. Him and another friend turned around and ran out. Being the remaining two, my friend and I ventured deeper into the tunnels. We were able to get to the theater but right after the doorway to the theater, the tunnel was completely flooded. Does anybody know if there are any other tunnels leading out of the theater, or on the other side of the Cochran House? After reviewing the videos and pictures that we captured, we caught at least one definite female EVP and a TON of distorted pictures. These can all be found on my Tumblr, my URL is Criminaloid, under the "me" tab (Labeled Ghost Encounter). (click the There is also an EVP from Seaside Sanitarium of somebody screaming (labeled second ghost EVP). I believe you do have to be logged into Tumblr to watch the videos, but not to view the pictures and the story from Fairfield hills.

Submitted by Ben (not verified) on
If you have any questions or comments, please contact me on Tumblr. I check it frequently.

Submitted by Renee (not verified) on
I've broken into 6 of the buildings, ive seen black misty body figures in darker areas of rooms, things run away from the corner of my eyes, we herd talking inside of an office room. One time, I went into a building and the only way I was able to get in was because the door knob was broken off completely, there for it doesn't lock, I was at the very top floor and things got way to scary, my friend and I ran as fast as we could do the door and it wouldn't open. No door knob, no lock, but yet it wouldn't open. We went back, searched more, I found some paintings and keys and took them, after that things at my house started happening. My doors started opening by themselves, and some of my doors cant open unless you lift up a latch. My lights would break, my friends have used the bathroom and said someone banged on the door, doors would slam. I got rid of the stuff and my friend came over with some sage and after that it stopped. I still go to the buildings to this day because I haven't found the tunnels yet, but I know those buildings like the back of my hand. I've found tape records of therapy sessions with the patients, there drawings, lobotomy chairs, a hand grenade, and a doctor tools. I want to go again but I haven't had a chance.

Submitted by Amanda (not verified) on
I would love to go exploring with someone who has experience successfully getting into buildings without being caught. Anyone interested let me know.

Submitted by Jo (not verified) on
I just found out that , we had descendants in this hospital back in the 1910 and when it first opened up , Back then it was a tuberuious hospital for , The Irish and and anyone that . Came over from overseas . Nothing to brag about ! someone in my family is working on a book , about the journals they work . While in this hospital . I drove out there just to look at it , Number one the police will be around in a heartbeat . So I do not understand why everyone , is saying we went to visit this place ! You have to have a written letter , Stating it ok to be there .Plus I walked around where one . Of the most horror stories happened in . and I noticed a someone standing in a window , Looking down on me . It was a black shadow . It also did not mind if I was there . But it makes you think of the events that happened ! This book that my family member is writing . Should be coming out in 2015 or 2016 .

Roger Smith's picture
Submitted by Roger Smith on
The website is down.

Submitted by t (not verified) on
My grandfather was committed here by my grandmother after drinking too much and committed suicide (so they say) in a shed on the property.

Submitted by t (not verified) on
My grandfather was committed here by my grandmother after drinking too much and committed suicide (so they say) in a shed on the property.

Submitted by FC (not verified) on
If you are thinking about going inside then be very careful. We were going to go in to one of the buildings tonight but some people got caught. A guy and a girl in their twenties were on their knees in handcuffs and there were literally 4 state troopers, 1 local, and the security guard all parked around them. We drove by 10 minutes later and they were all gone (Most likely arrested). It's a shame that there isn't a legal way to explore the abandoned buildings. I've been in them once before and there is definitely something paranormal in there. Nothing happens during the day but the second the sun goes down under the horizon, unexplained things will start happening. We're talking whispering, footsteps, very strong feelings of dread, shivers down your spine, etc. This is coming from someone who did not believe ghosts before. It's clear other people here on this site know what I am talking about.

Submitted by mk (not verified) on
So it was halloween night last year (2014) and myself and 4 friends went over to the power plant building with the big brick smoke stack. We went in the building and found that some of it was flooded, we found huge filing cabinets full of records of some sort of power plant-esque nature and everything was abandoned. Unfortunately the building was all trashed from previous explorers, but outback we found the only existing entrance to the tunnels. It is flooded 3ft deep with water, and it seems like it is endless. If I had scuba gear I would explore it more, but as of now that's the only known entrance. It was in brambles and other grown in brush, so it was tough to get to. The smoke stack's only entrance was blocked by the bent solid metal hatch which wasn't going to budge. They took out the entire floor of the power plant building so it's a 35ft drop to the floor. Another time while exploring, we were over by the big stratford house at night and heard noises that sounded like footsteps behind us. I could've sworn I heard laughing of small children and also saw 2 floating orbs. They were bluish white in color and no bigger than the palm of my hand, but were wispy and faded away as the foot steps and laughter went. Fairfield hills bottom line, is a cool place to explore, security is now way too tight and patrol cars come by every so often. if you go inside wear a p100 respirator at minimum, air quality is terrible... People get arrested there way too often now also

Submitted by Darcy (not verified) on
I worked for a blood lab so i picked up in the lab which was above the morgue near Western Substance abuse. One rainy day i went in got my samples and came back out to put them in the car. I heard " hey what are u doing" i turn around and there was this lady who was standing in the rain getting all wet. I tell her i am picking up specimens and turned to write something down i turn back to her and she was gone. I looked around the area and she was nowhere. Another time it was a hot summer day i went inside and downstairs is the morgue, refrigerators are to the left for the bodies. I was about to go upstairs to get the specimens but before i reached the stairs one of the refrigerator doors flew open and a guy jumps out. Scared the hell out of me. He was from WS abuse and was hot. That place is not normal in the least. Years later i would go there with my five year old son to play basketball in the way back building (don't know what it is called) it was fenced in. I took a picture of him next to a window and when i developed it their was this alien looking person looking directly at my son. It was quite weird. I knew 3 people that were admitted here and had horrible experiences. Overall the place was beautiful. Heavily guarded.

Submitted by Michelle (not verified) on
It is not haunted I no because I was there for 5 year never seen a thing or heared anythinh

Submitted by Diana (not verified) on
I visited fairfield hills today, a Saturday around 3pm, and it was a pretty interesting experience. We parked at the renovated Youth Academy to the left of the local government offices and walked to the abandoned section. There is an office between most of the buildings with security personnel who actively patrol the parts of campus they are able to drive to, but you really don't want to go inside anyways. Most of the buildings are compromised, and there are fences around most but not all of them and signs that say to stay 15 feet away. However, there are holes in the fences, missing windows in many of the buildings, and small crawlspaces. You could easily climb into small rooms, but as we were warned by the security there is lead paint, asbestos, and mold hazards. When I went, many people were walking their dogs or running around the campus, and there is a playing field near the road. As long as you don't look suspicious it's chill, my friends mom's boyfriend told her that the security came up to him recently and offered to let him take pictures inside the building since they saw him around all of the time. He's a local, though.