Damned Connecticut Podcast 2: The Melon Heads

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Submitted by Stamford Al (not verified) on
Just listened to the melon head podcast, pretty cool. I didn't realize that there were so many melon head roads in Connecticut. Then again allot of legends get adapted to whatever town they are being told in. Every town has it supposed "cult house" or "satanist house" that nobody ever seems able to find, but can all describe and all know someone who went there on night. When I was a kid I saw a guy who lived in New Canaan who had hydrocephalus and I would not have thought of his head as melon shaped. Thinking back on it he resembled Rocky from the movie Mask but not as symmetrical. Never having seen a melon head, I have always thought of them more like the banjo boy in Deliverance than anything else. I worked for a time with a population that has a larger than normal subset of special needs kids, many theories suggest inbreeding within a larger community and not within specific families. Such theories are not brought up in polite conversation but I have seen this first hand. I will say that these kids while they have various degrees of learning disabilities and behavioral problems, do not have much of a different physical appearance. So I am not sure how many generations it would actually take to produce a melon head this way. On another note, I am not sure why you think Santa Clause doesn't exist, he most certainly is real.