Connecticut Curiosities: 3rd Edition

October, 2010 by Ray Bendici

Damned Connecticut would like to announce the publication of the Connecticut Curiosities: 3rd Edition, from Connecticut's own Globe Pequot Press.

Why, you ask?

As it turns out, this edition has been revised and updated by Damned Connecticut's own Ray Bendici, who has  ...

Okay, I can't talk about myself in the third person like a professional wrestler. Although maybe I should -- "Listen up, brutha. Ray is gonna get a Coke out of the fridge, then Ray is gonna crack that bad boy open, and then Ray is gonna watch the Jets open a can of whoop ass on the Patriots ... you know, as long as it's okay with his wife ..."

Umm ... yeah.

So here's the deal -- about a year ago, I was recommended to Globe Pequot, who wanted someone to update and revise the next edition of the book, which was originally written by Susan Campbell and Bill Heald. After I got my jaw of the ground, I agreed and immediately dove into the project. I was given the task to fact-check the entire manuscript, delete outdated articles and then add about 25-30 new curiosities. I also got to add a new introduction and chapter openers, plus contribute a bunch of images throughout the book.

Basically, they paid me to share my knowledge of all that's weird, unexplained and unusual in Connecticut. Pretty cool, right?

So along with Steve and Kate, I went around the state, finding curiosities and taking pictures along the way, which was a lot of fun, and then I added them to the book. Just a few of the many things new to this edition:

And like I said, I added much more beyond that in effort to really ratchet up the "curiosity" factor of the previous edition. I think I really accomplished that.

You can pick up your copy of Connecticut Curiosities: 3rd Edition through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or you can go old school and get it from a local bookstore -- Borders, Barnes & Noble and even some of the independent bookstores should have it in stock over the next few months.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Yay, Ray!

Submitted by Monica (not verified) on
Thank you I just won your book on face book Dammed CT.. I can't wait to see it .. Merry Christmas to you and yours and Happy New Year

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