Union Cemetery, Easton

November, 2008 by Ray Bendici
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Union Cemetery in Easton
Photo by Kate Frank

The Damned Story: At the junction of routes 59 and 136 in Easton, next to Easton Baptist Church, the nearly 400-year-old Union Cemetery is allegedly one of the most haunted spots in Connecticut. Renowned ghosthunters Ed and Lorraine Warren (and their New England Society for Psychic Research) have done extensive investigation of this site -- as have dozens of other paranormal investigators -- gathering a substantial amount of video and photographic evidence. The Warrens have even published a book about the cemetery: Graveyard.

What's the draw? Well, the star of the show is the White Lady, who has been seen by dozens of witnesses and even captured on video (most famously by Ed Warren) and in still images. She has been described as wearing a white gown (obviously), and having long black hair; apparently she's a bit of a prankster as her m.o. is to appear in the middle of Route 59 and be "hit" by a car, only for the poor shaken driver to stop, check and find no one. (Apparently your sense of humor doesn't leave you in the afterlife -- good thing!) Visitors have also reported seeing her floating among the grave stones. The ever-popular ghost globules and other spirit-type mists have often been captured digitially here also. Another spirit called "Red Eyes" (aptly named as it appears exactly as it it sounds -- red eyes glowing in the darkness) has also alleged to been seen here.

Legend has it that the White Lady is the spirit of a woman who was murdered in the 1940s after she had killed her husband; others think it was another woman who had been killed at the turn of the 20th century and had her body dumped in a sinkhole behind the church; still others believe it's the body of woman who died during childbirth and is roaming the earth searching for her lost child. Since no one has actually gotten her to sit down for a chat, her identity remains a mystery.

Our Damned Experience: I went to Union Cemetery with a friend back in August 2000, right around sundown -- we brought a camera (old school -- film!), waited for night to fall and snapped a bunch of pictures at random spots around the cemetery. We also explored behind the church, taking multiple pictures there also -- all of which yielded nothing upon development. It was a clear night, and we kept a sharp eye out for mists, globules, hands reaching up from the dirt or anything else unusual. Unfortunately, we did not witness anything other than the occasional leaf blowing past and lots of real quiet gravestones, nor were we covered with ectoplasm when we were done. I suppose we could've gone later in the evening when there was less traffic around and the spirits less shy, but we were there for a while without any sightings.


As I've indicated, we appear to have been in the minority as many others have claimed to have had experiences and seen unusual things there. Maybe next time.

Update: We returned to Union Cemetery on a cold winter's day in December 2008. Again, we didn't see or photograph anything otherworldly, although we did come across an odd set of footprints.

If You Go: The cemetery is strictly off-limits after sunset, and the Easton police are very active in keeping it that way. If you do decide to visit after dark, rather than encounter the White Lady, there's an excellent chance you'll run across the Men in Blue -- and rather than being the one taking pictures, you'll be the one having pictures taken of you (with a set of numbers across the bottom).


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Submitted by Joseph Raiti (not verified) on
I recently went to Union Cemetery. Cops do patrol but I had no problem at all. I Just parked my car and walked around until it got dark and took random pictures. I posted a video on YouTube if anyone is interested. The first few minutes are pictures from the day into the night. Towards the night time is when the orbs started to come out in bunches. Its a pretty cool thing.

I have been to Union at night. Back in March, 2009, I went with a carload of my neighbors. There were five of us alltogether. As we pulled up, from the car, we saw the "Red-eyes" immediately. We were excited, as due to all of the stories, we wanted to see activity. well, the "Eyes" were there, in all of their glory. We shone our flashlights on them, and we discovered....that they aren't "eyes" at all. Two silver dollar sized bicycle fender reflectors, mounted on a piece of wood, leaning against a headstone. We looked closely (without entering, we were respectful of the "No Trespassing" signs. We clearly saw the wood, the round edges, the small round little bumps, or dimples inside the reflectors, and they glowed, or reflected nicely when our lights were on them, and went dark when our lights were off. An Easton cop drove up while we were there, and contrary to all reports, were extremely friendly, but again, we were not inside, nor were we drinking/drunk, loud,. We told him what we saw, and he laughed. He explained that these reflectors get moved aroundthe cemetery from time to time, an obvious hoax, as someone is trying to start a legend, ghost story, etc. In the daytime, you can see the wood, reflectors, etc. very clearly!! We went back about three weeks ago, on Saturday night 09/12, around 1 am. We didn't see the reflectors. They were gone. Another cop drove up, and once again, we had a great conversation, and he was extremely friendly. We exchanged stories, and left shortly thereafter, but again, this officer explained that the reflectors get moved around often. Probably a neighbor trying to scare people away, but is actually drawing people there. Red-Eyes....DEBUNKED!! I can be reached at kmer2@snet.net, if anyone wants to discuss this. Any of my neighbors will attest to all of this, as will the Easton Police Department. Sorry to all true believers. No comments on White Lady, as we didn't see anything, but "Red-Eyes" is an obvious hoax.

Submitted by anthony (not verified) on
you're are wrong

Submitted by Kyle (kmer2) (not verified) on
Don't see how I am the "dumb-ass" here. We WANTED to see activity. Not my fault this a hoax. We have been there three times now, have pictures, have recorded conversation with Easton Police. Red Eyes is a blatant false "ghost-story"!! Anyone travelling there who takes the time to look at them will clearly see what anyone who isn't drunk, or "stoned" will see!! Don't waste your time. We have never seen the "White-Lady" either. The Easton Officer we recorded was 14 year veteran at the time and drives by there all night when on duty and he has not ever seen her either. You may have better luck looking for ghosts on late night cable tv!!

Submitted by Dave (not verified) on
I went for a good old scare sometime around Halloween 2007. I went with a group of friends from school and we went to get a bit of a spook on. The area is surrounded by churches, but the Church where the location supposedly is, is quite obvious. It begins the split in the road. We parked at another church or building where we knew the car wouldn't get towed, and continued to the site. We literally scoped out as many parts as we could. Took pictures of everything, cemetary, boarding house and even the church itself. You can tell that it is desolate, but nonetheless there are some spooky things that happened. Nothing really affected us while we were there, we just got some footage, thought we heard some voices but just let our imaginations get the better of us. The ride back and when we stopped to get food is when it got weird. We went to a local diner near where we all lived and started processing all the footage we got from the site. We didnt think we saw much until we really got into it all, and realized certain orbs, or images appeared out of the ordinary on the camera! We investigated more by zooming in further and the images couldn't be explained. The so-called white lady who haunts it, it was more like a grim reaper in my books. The image appears above a headstone. We tried to justify it but it is definitely not a person walking in the back, nor another part of the cemetary. Then while we took images of the house, you could see apparitions appearing in the windows, of a woman looking like she was screaming. There are woods behind it, and in the background of those woods there were the "red-eyes" I don't feel like they were complacent with where the previous commenters have said they were but at the same time they were there. This is where I thought it was weird, I dropped my friends off and decided it was time to go home. I was heading a root I always take home, and right before a bridge I took a turn and got struck by a drunk driver. I am alright but she did a bit of damage. Now I stress I am not religious nor do I carry rosary beads in my car, but my friend (who did not come with us) attests to their ownership but doesn't know how they got there., but shortly after the accident when I went to put the car into park, I noticed they were there. I can't explain it, and I have been dying to go back again but been very busy back at college and everything, but its an adventure.

Submitted by Kyle (not verified) on
This is a good accounting of your experience at Union Cemetery. I have read many such reports, and I have a couple of very interesting photo's myself. I have a couple of orange "long, snake-like" images that appear to be vibrating when stretched out on my cell phone camera. I have not yet used professional camera equipment. I have been told by several, including Lorraine Warren herself, that you should use a camera capable of snapping "rapid-fire" pictures of the same image, which she states will evolve into an image that will resemble a "White-Lady", or another such spirit. She will gladly share this info with anyone she encounters at her seminars. My friends and I went back to Union Cemetery again on Saturday night/Sunday morning 11/15 and 11/16. We arrived at approx. 12:45 am, and left at approx. 3:30 am We took many pictures, did EVP sessions, and even used a camcorder. Several interesting photo's, and we are still listening to the EVP recordings. On the side of the Baptist Church, there is a trail, that looks naturally formed, and it looks straight out of a movie set, with tall, long branch tree's on both sides, and the trail gets longer, deeper, and darker. Very scary, and we did not venture don trail for more than a few feet. We were very unnerved, and I will never go down this trail unless we are accompanied by a large group, and it is middle of the afternoon. It goes downhill, and it just looks as though it is a trail straight to trouble. Once again, Red-Eyes is a manufactured tale, and while I have no doubt that the originator saw "red-eye" like images, he was obviously looking a car tail lights that reflect brightly of some of the head-stones in the middle of the front entrance of the cemetery, and they continue to reflect off of three, or four headstones, giving the appearance that thy could be following, or "chasing" someone. Or...they could be the reflectors I wrote about in earlier posts. They were nowhere to be found this past weekend, but then again, neither were the "red-eyes"!! Once again, the Easton Police left us alone, but we respected the grounds, were not drinking, playing music, were exceptionally quiet, and there were only three of us. No doubt, they will protect the grounds there, but it truly seems as though that you have to give them a reason to stop and harass you. We were asked to leave the headstones alone, no dropping cigarette butts on the ground (littering of any kind for that matter), and we made absolutely no noise of any kind. If it were not for our car headlights, you could not tell we were even there. Be respectful, quiet, and your visit (s), like ours, will likely be pleasant (except for the scares). Once again, your experience there, and your accounting of it is what will keep us going back until we either actually see the "White Lady", or other such spirits, or we actually arrive at conclusive decision that none exist there whatsoever. Thank-you for sharing your experience with us. It truly does inspire us to keep trying.

Submitted by Kelly (not verified) on
A friend and I decided to take a ride up there Halloween night 2006. We live about 35 minutes away. It was a chilly night, so we naturally had the heat on. We just wanted to drive by, neither of us had the guts to get out of the car. Of course we didn't see anything. However, as we circle around to leave and we are passing the cemetery for the last time, my friend starts saying that she doesn't believe the hype. Well, the heater decided to give out and blow strictly cold air at us....frigid air. This totally freaked us out....about a half mile after passing the cemetery, the heat was returned....coincidence???? who knows, but if freaked us out!

Submitted by Sean Butler (not verified) on
I'm a photographer who went there one fall afternoon about a year ago to take pictures of old gravestones. I got some great pictures and didn't experience anything odd but a few weeks later I was looking at the pictures and noticed a few things that were mentioned above by Dave. In one picture there is a large bright circle in front of a stone - there is no natural reason it should be there. It was during the day so no chance of it being my flash catching dust and creating an "orb", but this could definitely best be described as an orb, in broad daylight. It floats about three feet in front of the camera, two or three feet off the ground, and is maybe a foot or so in diameter. Even stranger though was the image of what I can best describe as a hooded figure in the woods behind the gravestones. The outlines of the shadow appear "warpy" and show no natural reason. It looks to me like a woman wearing a full cloak or maybe an old nun's habit, with a folded hood. She's facing left and in full profile. If anyone would like to see these images, let me know and I'll send them to you. What concerns me about it is that some people I show it to see the figure immediately and others don't see it at all; which makes me wonder if I'm just "seeing shapes in clouds" as they say. I don't think I am, but as said I'd be happy to share the pictures. srbutler75@yahoo.com

Submitted by Jennifer (not verified) on
I would like to see those pictures. I haven't been there is many years, but I have had experiences there, and elsewhere, that cannot be described any other way.

Submitted by Drew Chambers (not verified) on
I used to mow the grass in this Cemetary when I was a boy scout!

Submitted by Sean Butler (not verified) on
Oh, and I'd love to compare pictures with Dave July 21st, 2010 12:22 pm Thanks, Sean srbutler75@yahoo.com

Submitted by tanika lewis (not verified) on
just wanted to tell you that the posted picture 2 of 6 creeped me out. i immediately see a bright red floating orb and then in one of the clusters of tombstones a more pinkish figure poking from behind one of the stones almost as if someone is peeking out trying to figure out who is snapping picks of his home. coool :)

I've been to this cemetery 3 times. Once during the day and twice in the middle of the night. Took pictures during the day but got nothing of any sort. But twice in the middle of the night is when both times my friend and my ex girlfriend experienced enough to believe this place is truly haunted! I have a couple of pics that are (or was on) Ed and Lorains site! The first time was simple, took a lot of pics around 1am in the morning about ten years ago. All showed nothing until I got deep into the number of pics. Three of the pics show heavy white around some grave stones and one pic with my friend in it has the haze be hind him! I had taken a few paranormal classes with the Warrens and gave Ed my pics and he put them on the site. The other time was with my ex girlfriend. This story is too long and scary to write right now! I will tell it tommorrow.

Ok I will tell it now. We had gone during the day with video and a camera went home viewed everything and came up with nothing! Not satisfied we went around 12 had borrowed my friends expensive camera who was a photographer. We pulled up to the front gate so I grabbed the camera and walked around my truck to the passenger side where my ex was sitting. She would not get out of the truck for some reason nor she wouldn't let me go into the cemetery to walk around to take pics! She was never like this and it made me a bit nervous! So I agreed to stay near the truck and take some pics. Now mind you I bought new batteries for this camera earlier. Camera was on so I tried to take a pic and it would not shoot a pic! I tried repeatedly but nothing. The green light was on telling me to hold the button down to take the pic..I would push down...hold for a sec but would not take a pic!! I tried everything took the batteries out put them back in but nothing! She started screaming at me telling me to get back into the truck that there is a reason why the camera isn't working! At first I kept messing with the camera but hearing her being the way she was normally not got back in the truck. Here's were its gets scary! I tried in the truck to take some pics but again would take. So we decided to get the Hell out of there. As I was driving out of the cemetery I decided to pick the camera up holding the camera in my right hand and driving with my left.still in the vicinity of the cemetery with the camera facing the front of the truck I pressed the button to snap a pic and it flashed and took a pic!! Scared the Hell out of us both!! For some reason I pointed the camera towards the back seat of my truck and tried to take a pic and it would not take pic! I turned it to the front it would take pic and turned it again to the back seat and again would not take a pic!!! Both of us started to flip out!! Not only did something not want us to take pics of the cemetery but something was in my back seat and as if it escorted us out of the area! Meaning there was a spirit in my truck! What else could this all mean!! We got on rt 8 towards Waterbury. That's were we live. Kept trying the camera thing and it wouldn't take the pic towards the back seat. I kept my composer while she was getting very nervous. I decided to pull in front of our church in Waterbury. We are both Catholics and started praying to take this spirit out of my truck! We said a couple of prayers tried the camera..nothing! Said a few more prayers and all of a sudden the camera started taking pics towards the front and in the back seat. Pic after pic!! Whatever was there at the cemetery did not want us there and wanted to see us out!! My ex who is the mother of my son till this day talk about it. The next day afterwards we took all the video and pics and threw them out! I wish we never did but at that time were extremely scared. The union cemetery is definitly alive!

Submitted by Robin (not verified) on
I actually fell onto this sight looking for help, something had me visit this location and I have never done this before I am crippled and use a wheelchair for assistance. My husband went with me and he was a non believer. I was blessed to get multiple pictures of different spirits, I hope to meet someone to show them to. Two are of a lady in colonial dress light blue and white with white bonnet walking down center of cemetary and I captured her in different sections. Many faces men with moustaches some in the woods. One baby in full Colorado and a boy about six wearing knickers and a vest kneeling at a grave. The oddest was a human pig like creature in a cloak with an odd little buddy by his side. Nothing was done to these they are still on original camera, I am not that smart nor am I dishonest, I need no fame and thank these spirits for opening up to me in my hard physical time. Anyone interested let me know, Thank you

Submitted by brian strukus (not verified) on
hey i am thinking of going here who can i get in contact with to get permission and if so what is email?

Submitted by Sean (not verified) on
Robin, if those claims are true, I think you may have the best pictures ever taken of any ghosts, anywhere. I'd love to see them. srbutler75@yahoo.com

Submitted by Robin (not verified) on
Hello I sent you 2 interested parties contact info on your e mail hope to talk soon.

Submitted by Kyle (not verified) on
Hi Robin. I would really like to see your photo's. I have an open mind, and really wanted to see activity. Any chance I might be able to see them via e-mail? Thanks for taking the time to read this. Kyle

Submitted by Jeremy (not verified) on
Hey robin can u send me thise pictures thank u.i just went to union cemetary today and got sum orbs and red lights in the day time.and I brought my spirt box,and had multiple spirts,one had a conversation with me he said his name was very strange.union cemetary deffintly hauntes.

Submitted by Jeremy (not verified) on
His name was chris.sorry...lol.if theres anyone out there that knows of any hauntes buildings or old homes to invesigate,write me at my email its jeremybotting@yahoo.com.thank u im looking for some inside locations to investigate

Submitted by the truth (not verified) on
My family lives directly across from the cemetery and has for over 15 years. A few years ago at night we saw unexplainable blurry bodies (dozens of them) floating around the cemetery and by the church. It was so noticeable and frightening that we had to call the Easton Police Department as the blurs seemed to be moving up our long driveway. The police came quickly and searched the entire cemetery as well as our property, but found absolutely no signs of people or trespassing and they kept watch for the rest of the night. The next day we investigated the cemetery on foot in broad daylight. There were no signs of footprints, but most of the headstones were knocked over and destroyed. Since then strange blurs are seen from time to time but nothing as serious as that night. Every year around Halloween someone dressed up at the White Lady comes to our door, rings it, stands there, and asks strange questions before leaving.

Submitted by Sean (not verified) on
@the truth: That's really interesting. Can you describe the blurry bodies? You must have thought they were people to have called the police, correct? I took some pictures there during the daytime with some disturbing shapes along the treeline. One of them looked like a nun wearing a habit, or possible just a hooded woman and in the same picture there's the shape of a man facing me, also along the treeline. If anyone would like to see these, email me at srbutler75@yahoo.com.

Hey, I had posted previously about some pictures I had taken at Union Cemetery. I went there with no intention of getting any supernatural pictures, just wanted to take some shots of the old gravestones. A few weeks after taking the shots I noticed some odd figures in the the background of one picture (along the treeline) and a ball of grey light infront of a stone in another. I uploaded the images onto Flicker. Have a look and tell me, am I 'seeing things' or do you see what I'm seeing? Sean srbutler75@yahoo.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/44660238@N06/

Submitted by Kristina (not verified) on
I love this cemetery, having been visiting frequently for about two years, but have not seen much. A few times I saw orbs and white mist, and have had a few occasions where the air around me got abnormally cold. I would love to see pictures of the things that everyone on here is describing; if anyone would like to email them to me, I would greatly appreciate it. km81391@gmail.com Thank you.

Submitted by scaryann (not verified) on
thinking of visiting this weekend. Does anybody know if you can do rubbings there?

Submitted by Pat (not verified) on
Me and 3 friends went to union cemetery about two months ago on a Sunday night around 1230. We drove around a couple of times taking pictures and a lot of them came out with several bright orbs, and there was a random candle lit in front of a grave inside the cemetery. After a few minutes we parked next to the iron gate, when we heard someone running and looked over to see a glowing white creature moving extremely fast while ducking under the gate. Its upper body didnt seem to be moving and as it approached our car, a hobo-ish looking creature with no visible face and a long baggy white shirt stood ten feet away from the car with it's arms fully outstretched. It's arms were about twice the length of a regular human's arm span and it remained right next to the car as we all screamed and sped away going about 90. All four of us agreed exactly on what we saw and we quickly deleted all pictures from our phones and dont ever plan on going back. We felt as though that was our final warning to leave for this spirit seemed more deranged looking and evil than an ordinary ghost

Submitted by jim (not verified) on
I live about a quarter mile from this cemetery and visit it often. I've taken many pictures there and seen nothing. I have never witnessed anything with my own eyes nor "felt" anything out of the ordinary. I will say I was there last evening and found dozens more stones pushed over, broken and otherwise destroyed. I've always found cemeteries to be peaceful, beautiful places, especially old New England ones. It is appalling that ANYONE would resort to such behavior without regard for the dead or their families. I am not a skeptic, remain open minded about the unknown and hope wholeheartedly that whoever is responsible for this, took home something with them they never get rid of.

Submitted by jim (not verified) on
To Henry who's camera would not take a picture, this is sometimes a function of auto focus confused by the windows in a vehicle.

Submitted by Robin (not verified) on
I am so sorry to hear about the stones. Good or evil this cemetary is very unique! I am sorry I have not emailed the pictures they are on an ipad! I would be happy to talk to and show them if interested in person I have mailed my tel number to those interested! I have noticed an increase in activity. I believe that an accident I had opened me up to allow them to show themselves. The lady I found had a blue and white petifor with a bonnet she is walking down the vented isle and I have her at different locations! The pig looking being had friends around him small impish looking! At the very same time these pictures were taken my husband and I witnessed a car pull right out in front of a motorcycle right near piggy was standing. The driver had s notwithstanding Jim and he stated he did not know why he pulled out!

Submitted by Robin (not verified) on
Ok that is weird scratch that last sentence I do not know who Jim is! He had a boy with him. Time of my pictures and police report collaborate. I am positive of what we have captured! I do not know where to take it. God bless these lost souls and may they find purpose. I just hope that they are not trapped by a mean spirit!

Submitted by MNick (not verified) on
Myself and a team will be going this September to investigate this cemetery. I hope to be able to go at night whether it be in location or as close as I can get without breaking any laws. If anyone knows the correct persons to contact for possible permissions to be in the cemetery a few hours after dark, please e-mail me. Also Robin, if it wouldnt be too much to ask, could you e-mail me your photos. Thank you, m.nick1982@hotmail.com

Submitted by kmer2 (not verified) on
Mnick... I would call the Easton Police Department. As I stated, I have been a couple of times, and have NOT been harrassed by the police.....BUT....once again, we were quiet, only a few of us, had no alcohol, drugs, music, etc. We took many pictures of cemetery from outside of the gates, and although we went in, we simply REFUSED to touch headstones, let alone kick them, manhandle them. We didn't touch because many are decaying, and sometimes a slight touch can cause a centuries old headstone to fall over. Anyway, the police were observing us, and then actually joined us in a nice conversation that lasted close to thirty minutes, so again, I would call them and state what your intentions are, how many will be there, what you are bringing, and promise (and then live up to said promise) that there will be no music or alcohol, etc. They may still tell you to stay away, which is why we simply just show up. If they tell you to stay away and then catch you there, then you will likely be ticketed. Good luck. I have read all the warnings here, and I have a good idea why one group would be harrassed and ticketed, while yet another is not, and actually has an officer enhance the experience by participating in the discussions, and I am fairly certain that you can read between the lines here and determine why. Hope you have a good experience while there. Kyle

Submitted by megan (not verified) on
Never really wrote about what had happened there until now. I recall about 1 year ago. Went with about 4 people. My mother, cousin, my aunt who is an investigator, and me. Very quiet. You can feel like theres already negative energy around you. We had to duck down because alot of cops were out, and it was a chilly night. We were all taking pictures of just about everything. This one row of graves i was very drawn too and kept taking pictures until i was lead by my aunt to look at something else. We started to ask and record questions.After we had asked a question about do you want us to leave?we had heard the loudest i kid you not THUMP you can possibly imagine. When we were looking around seeing what was going on, me and my cousin had discovered one of the head stones in the row i was taking pictures of was knocked over. I got back into the car to review pictures and discovered that none of the head stones were knocked out previously in that row.. Still gives me chills to this day..

Submitted by Robin (not verified) on
To all you nice people looking for me to e-mail pictures I am sorry they are on an ipad and I am not able to send them! I will go back this month and see what happens! I believe so much activity is from open portal because of the many rituals held there! Take pictures along the back woods and daytime is fine they are there. Crazy as I sound check closely next to the stones they like to peek at you! Some are brazen! I have only been there2 times both successful. Second time my daughter came with my grandson I was apprehensive and my daughter is a non believer as soon as we got in the car my grandson was violently ill. Do not take children! Wishing you all the best anyone wanting a coffee meet and grete I would be happy to show you the pictures!

Submitted by Animation Gal (not verified) on
I have never been to this historical cemetery. I'm also not a person who gets easily excited, goes out looking for spooky stuff or is seriously drawn to the paranormal. But I do believe in the existence of spirits and giving them their "space" :) It's interesting to read everyone's experiences here, truly. Especially Robin's. Sean (srbutler75@yahoo.com), I looked at the few photos you posted on Flickr, not expecting to see anything "concrete" myself, to be honest :) But the very last one (cropped) caught my attention. You had said that some ppl don't see the figures and had asked "do you see what I'm seeing". Yes, I think I do. However, I believe I'm also seeing additional, more obvious faces..?? A couple of ghastly, almost non-human looking ones (no outlines on them) looking right at the camera (above the last headstone to the extreme left corner, from the trees in the woods.) Is this a light-reflecting-off-something-to-create-an-illusion-of-a-face-in-the-distance effect? Or some kind of pixelation thing I'm simply misreading..?? I don't know. May be it's nothing. Well, I'm no expert but this photo gives me the chills...

Animation Gal, Thanks for your reponse. That's interesting that you're seeing it too. I tried finding what you mentioned to the extreme left but didn't see it. I did, however pick out something unmistakable that I hadn't noticed prior. There's a tree trunk near the center of the picture (cropped), and an shape just to the left of it of what appears to be a hooded figure facing me. One thing I've learned to look for is a "warpy" dark line that tends to outline these figures. The dark outlines seem completely un-natural and not something that the background could create, and as I mentioned, they seem to have a look to them that I can only describe as "warpy". Do you see what I mean? Anyway, there are a few figures there facing me that feel, to me, distinctly un-friendly. I know that's subjective, but it's just a sense. So, just say they are there, looking at me in an un-friendly way; what on earth could be going on at this cemetery? Who are these guys and what are they doing hanging around this random old cemetery? There are old cemeteries all over, why should this one be so special? What on earth is going on at Union Cemetery?

Submitted by MNick (not verified) on
I see the images as well. They are interesting, I've seen images like these on a few pictures and I know what you mean Sean by "warpy". They almost seemed photo shopped to almost a 3d affect or and image put on top of another. The most interesting picture with these figures I have seen is from Bara'hack, but it was a polaroid, so I know for a fact that images like these are legit. I am a founder of a local paranormal group and have recently been to Union Cemetery however, it started raining and getting really windy as soon as we got to this location. We did try an EVP session however the wind was too strong to get audio. We did take pictures and I will have to look at them in more detail. One thing that was crazy about our trip to Union Cemetery is that as soon as we got back into our vehicle both myself and a team member started feeling an extreme sadness to the point where my team member was crying and I was tearing up. We left, and the emotions went away about 20 seconds later. We will have to visit again on a better day.

Submitted by Amy Sullivan (not verified) on
Robin, Have just read all your posts. I am really interested in meeting you for coffee and seeing the pictures. Your theory sounds right on and the activity you witnessed is probably due to the fact that you must be a "sensitive" as well. Thanks for sharing. Amyjosullivan@yahoo.com

Submitted by Sean (not verified) on
MNick, Where can I find this image from Bara’hack? You know, from all these experiences people have been having, the one thing in common is that they're all really negative: feeling nautious, feeling sad, threatening or "unfriendly" looking shapes in the treeline, etc. These all lead one to believe that there may be something going on here beyond haunting. I kind of wonder if maybe it's ok to just say that it's "a bad place" and move on from trying to experience or "capture" the "bad", to trying to come up with explanations. Perhaps it's time (at Union Cemetery at least) to move from an 'Experiential' to a more academic understanding of it. Do we really need to keep going back and having negative things happen? Are we, by doing that, advancing our understanding of the place?

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Hi Sean, This is the website you can see the image. http://www.flickr.com/photos/skyelyte/4133727483/ I understand your thoughts, but I think people are simply trying to understand, as well as myself. Its like a puzzle in front of you, you cant help but to try to figure it out. Now that todays technology in this field is improving you can get closer and closer to figuring this out or at least getting a grasp of the possibilities. Just to let something go like this would be denying one of humans natural instincts, trying to understand something. I think as long as there is a possibility to capture something, people will always go to "haunted" locations. I do believe by going back to these places we are advancing our understanding, but only with the right people with the right equipment and thats what causes the problems. You get thrill seekers and disrespectful people going to these locations and making property owners deny the "right" people access and in doing so the advancement of understanding drasticly declines or haults all together. Myself and my team try to take more of a scientific approach or an advancement approach where we will go to many locations properly and not ever display or share our evidence because we try to advance ourselves in the understanding where as others simply say "we went to this place, look what we captured". I could go on forever but there are alot of views, theories on what and why.

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So, I have been to this place numerous times, however I never feel or see anything. The cops seem nice enough, they just tell us to leave and if we are caught again it's a ticket. But am I missing something?

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We live in Easton, and my running route takes me to Union Cemetery twice a week. I absolutely love this place. The gravestones are so interesting, and I find it very peaceful there. During one of my first visits to the cemetery when we moved here, I decided to randomly choose a gravestone to visit on a regular basis. The grave is of Ann Wheeler (1729 - 1767). I chose her grave because it seems to be off by itself, and she just felt a little lonely to me. So I go twice a week now to visit Ann - I sit at her gravestone for a little while (a rest during my multi-mile run) and relax. One morning, I "asked" her to visit me in a dream and tell me how she lived. That very night, I had vivid dreams of farming empty land during a time long before now. It was one of those dreams that seems to go on forever. When I woke up, a shaking hand was carefully pulling the covers back up over my shoulder. She was gone before I could see her, but I know Ann was there in our bedroom! During another morning run, I "asked" Ann to show me the gravesite of her husband (John Wheeler). As I was leaving the cemetery, a thought that was not my own popped into my head and told me to stop. I stopped and, there in front of me, FAR from Ann's gravesite, was John Wheeler (he lived to be 90 - his fifth and final wife, Ariah, is buried next to him). I thought that was more than a coincidence! I've since googled John Wheeler and found that Ann was one of his earlier wives, but I could not find any other information about Ann. For some unexplained reason, I feel a connection to her. I think she is a peaceful, kind soul, and I enjoy sitting at her gravesite, brushing the leaves away, etc.

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I visit this place quite often. Several years ago on one of my autumn visits to this cemetary I went with a friend. This was the only time I had an uncomfortable feeling inside as did my friend. there is a tree in the back to the left of the enterance that was full of energy when we approached it. We had to leave shortly after that encounter. As we talked about what we felt on our journey back home, we agreed that there was several spirits present and we felt a great deal of sadness.

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In 2011 I went to Union Cemetery probably a dozen times. The first time I went in the afternoon just so I could get a better sense of it while it was light out. I went back at dusk and actually got a few pics (out of many dozens) that showed smallish white and yellow lights that were not seen by my naked eye. Next time I decided to go after midnight. The results that night and several nights there after were amazing and I have the pics to prove it. (Let me preface this by saying that each time I went at night, with the exception of one, I purposely went on nights that were cloudy....no moon. It seems the darker it is outside the better the results are. These were also nights with no mist or rain, and not cold enough to see my breath.) So, the first late night visit seemed somewhat uneventful.....until I went through the pics on the camera while sitting at a traffic light on the way home. On one pic was a 'misty form' that had a clear shape to it (hard to describe here), floating above and to the side of a gravestone. It really startled me! I didn't see it when I took the pic, but there it was clear as could be. Very exciting! The next time I went, as I was taking a picture (always with flash obviously), as the flash went off I saw a misty shape moving around the left side of my head no more than a foot away. (This sighting lasted only as long as the flash did.) For some reason I wasn't scared. I just hoped I had caught it with the camera, which I did: a thin elongated misty shape had moved just far enough around my head to be picked up by the camera. I really couldn't believe it, but again, there it was. The next couple of nights were even more amazing.....several pictures of dense, misty shapes directly in front of the camera. (I didn't see these while taking the pics, except for one.) These are amazing pictures! In one, the swirly mist is so thick you can barely see the gravestones behind it. Whatever these are, they seemed to be very aware of my presence, and in fact, trying to get in front of the camera before I took the picture. Many pictures of orbs too, some are amazing. But since there's a good chance that many orbs are just specks of dust being picked up by the flash, I don't put too much emphasis on them, however, there are a couple on my camera that really don't look like they could be dust. I was using my digital camera on its most detailed setting. Two of these 'orbs' have amazing designs of some type within them. For some reason, after my 6th visit or so, it just stopped. Nothing out of the ordinary at all. Zip. My theory is that after several times of seeing me, they were bored. But make no mistake: There are absolutely things happening there! Michael

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I came upon this site because I was telling people about a video I shot in Union Cemetery with friends in 2003. I have been to the cemetery several times throughout the years and it has always been such a creepy and intense experience, but this one particular time I will never forget! We went to the cemetery at around dusk and shot some video. The day was generally pretty inconsequential in terms of paranormal activity, although we did see some grave plots glowing towards the end of our visit, which was very strange. Anyhow, later that night we were watching the video and our friend who could easily discern spirits paused the video and pointed them out to us as she saw them -- it was really CRAZY! What was interesting about seeing the ghosts on film was that they were sort of like the picture that Sean posted -- they were not immediately evident, but once you could see them they appeared before you, VERY DEFINITIVELY in some cases. Some of them even seemed to pop off of the screen or materialize in a certain way. It has been a LONG times since I saw the video but I remember many of the images like it was yesterday -- a man kneeling and praying, a girl in a hoop dress (reminds me of what one poster said about a girl in a dress with a blue bonnet -- sounds like maybe the same person), one shot with at least 10 shadowy figures! Gives me the creeps thinking back to it. None of us have ever wanted to watch the video again and seeing some of the pictures really reminds me of how crazy that place is. Anyway -- wanted to share my story. Very interesting place. I can't imagine living near there like the one poster. Woo.