Bara-Hack, Pomfret

November, 2016 by Ray Bendici
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The Damned Story: The sparsely populated Northeastern region of Connecticut has long been called the Quiet Corner. But whoever named it may not have ever been to the abandoned settlement of Bara-Hack. According to local history, a pair of Welsh families first settled Bara-Hack in 1780; and although the name is odd, considering what some towns are called in Wales, it could've been called Barrffynng-Hheaggnnogg or something equally appealing.

By 1890 the settlement was history as the last residents left, and as is wont to happen, the surrounding forest slowly took the land back . . . allegedly though, it forgot some of the noise.

Modern visitors to Bara-Hack can see the interesting remnants of old foundations and walls as well as a cemetery—the damned part starts when they supposedly start hearing the sounds of the long-gone settlement! Everything from the noises of children playing and people singing to the sounds of livestock and the rumble of wagon wheels have been said to have been heard.

Over the years, various investigators have recorded the sounds, while others have also claimed to have seen the ghost of a bearded man and the spirit of a young child.


Bara-Hack may be gone, but clearly, it doesn't want to be forgotten.

Our Damned Experience: We have never been to Bara-Hack and back.

If You Go: Bara-Hack is on clearly marked private property ("No Trespassing" signs abound), and is very closely watched.

As it is on private property, you need permission from the land's owner to visit—which appears to be very unlikely as reports seem to indicate the owners are not interested in anyone visiting. Sorry!

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Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
Bill has serious doubts about my logic skills when he can't spell then he claims his defense is that he was moving at a high rate of speed while texting in a motor vehicle? Well, Bill has to constantly make excuses for himself. Bill PLEASE!! You have can not write legibly in your own native language so really I am so done with your claims of grandeur. Pfft!

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
If you were the passenger Bill, you would have no excuse at all to not have the ability or the mastery to communicate at a grade school level of your own native language. LMAO

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
Bill, let's just compare since you have so blatantly verbally assaulted me from the start as to your skills in a moving car versus mine. You claim now that you can't spell in a moving car, really? I believe you simply can not spell. I have taken this photo as a passenger in a car on the highway moving at least 60 mph. I could spell correctly and better then you can clearly I think in 3rd grade but the skill of photography came a bit later for me LOL

Submitted by Wesley (not verified) on
Interesting development today. I received an email from the REAL "Skyelyte" who posted the pic on Flickr at: I will say this, it AIN"T AMIE! I made her aware of this thread and the discussion regarding the picture. I hope she will take the time to drop by and dispel a few "misrepresentations" that have been made here. Wesley The PESKY skeptic

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
K really, I am done here Bill. I do get bored with online Trolls that like you that have no other interest in life but antagonizing other people. Get a life and find someone who is interested in your utter ignorance. I am not at all.

Submitted by Bill (not verified) on
You seem to have some real issues yourself as you keep coming back to post again and again. At this point, you seem to be talking more TO and ABOUT yourself than to me. "Easily explained though. In my defense, I was writing the post on an iPhone in a moving car. ….” Do you need someone to explain how utterly insane you sound when you claim this sentence says I was texting and driving? Maybe you should go back for your sixth diploma.

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
Aimee, I have just received notice of the claims you have made about the Bara Hack photo on my site. If 'Doug' is your father, please speak to him before you make the serious claims that you have regarding this photo. First, Doug, the photographer of this photo gave me the hard copy image of this photo, aka the physical photo that I have posted on my site 20 years ago. 2nd, I talked to Doug a few months ago and I offered to send the photo back to him if he wanted it. He told me he did not want it back and as I recall he stated something to the effect that he gave me that photo. So Aimee, the 'photo' belongs to me. Next Aimee, you have stated the photos on my site all belong to your father. I hope you have stated this for a lack of understanding. I have over 300 photos on my account and save for the Bara Hack photo, they were all TAKEN BY and BELONG to ME, not your father. I would agree that the copyright of the Bara Hack photo that I have posted on my account which I absolutely did give your father credit for as the photographer belongs to him. And that is that ONE photo on my account, most definitely it is not ALL the photos on my account. Last if you thanked Wesley for compliments of the photos that I am the artist and creator of on my account I hope you did that because you are confused about this because I do take pride in my work for the photographs I have taken and the credit in all of those cases would go to me, just saying. Please do talk to your dad Aimee if Doug the photographer of that one photo on my account is your father and verify with him that he gave me that photo 20 years ago now. Please do not imply I have done anything dishonest and I certainly have stolen no ones photos, as your post does seem to indicate. I received an email (and or emails on my Flickr account which was addressed to you, where it seems you led someone to believe my photos belong to you, and that is just not true.) I hope you understand the confusion that is implied here. Linda

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
Yes Wesley, you did contact me on my Flickr account. I responded and I have had the pleasure to speak to you. Though no, most definitely contrary to what Aimee has said, unless I have misinterpreted her posts in the comments on this site, my Flickr account does not belong to her, nor have any, not one of the photos on my account been taken by her. All the photos on my account in excess of 300 of of them have been taken by me, save for the ONE photo of Bara Hack that was taken by a long lost friend of mine named Doug. Doug has commented on the Bara Hack photo that is posted on my account for the record if one chooses to scroll way down in the comments due to the fact that I lost contact with Doug many many years ago. Doug commented on this photo to acknowledge that I had found him after many years and yes Doug did take that one photo. I am not sure what the confusion is here where it has seemed like Aimee claimed the photos on my account belong to her in any respect but I most assure you, all of the photos on my account do belong to me, THE REAL SKYELYTE AKA LINDA.

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
Wesley, Of course as we both know, or at least I think we both know we have cleared up the confusion. You sent me an email on my Flickr account addressed to Aimee because Aimee has claimed in this thread, or more precisely implied in this thread that the photos on my account belong to her. You state as we know Wesley that you had hoped that 'Aimee' would get back to you on March 28th I believe but of course Aimee has no access to my account what so ever and she could not respond to you. Now I do understand why I received the strange emails addressed to Aimee on my account based on the implication that Aimee posed that the photos on my account were hers. Well, Wesley, you are right. That claim is flat out false

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
Follow up, I regret to say my pc has bit the dust. My husband has been doing work for his PhD so I had no idea that all this controversy erupted on this site regarding my photo on my Flickr site or even 'me' regarding my photo about Bara Hack. (We are down to one PC in the house and due to the fact that my husband is working on his PhD, his time on the computer takes priority). Though, I am passionately awaiting a response from Aimee in which I have received emails on my Flickr account due to the fact that she claimed the photos on my account belong to her. I am also awaiting a response from Wesley. I believe he requested a full resolution copy of my Bara Hack photo. Though, please do understand in general, I have been asked by so many people for full resolution copies of my images, when I learned most of all of the people making these requests had ill intentions. I do appreciate sharing notes, interpretations and opinions from other people regarding material that raises questions, but most of all integrity is my concern in that no one wishes to use my photos for other means. Remember of course, that Aimee came out here claiming all the photos on my account belonged to her, and or her father. I rest my case

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
With this said, please read what I said above, as much as I would love honest interpretation of my photo taken of Bara Hack- I am thinking for now that anyone is free to make the accusations here that they choose, for instance, like, the d H on that photo was marked by the original photographer. Well, it wasn't is my response. Please do review my photo here: The circled part of this photograph that was done in black magic marker ink, displays the purple shades that are typical when someone uses a marker on a photograph. On the contrary, even on lower resolution this photo does not display any of the characteristics even remotely similar to a marker. Second, I guestimate that my photo of Bara Hack was taken in or around the late 80s. Again, I have the hard copy of this photo. Then, now closing in at almost 30 years, PLEASE, then ppl did not have the technology to manipulate photos since photo software did not exist during that time. Look again, and I expect any reasonable person would see my photo was not taken by any person that had any skills in photography, then access to a darkroom to manipulate that photo. So, all of these claims in all due respect are rubbish.

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
Last, with all due respect anyone that contacts me on my Flickr account from this site to request larger or full resolution copies of my photo of Bara Hack, know that I have been burned. I expect any reasonable person can make assessments that make sense based on even the lower resolution size that is offered on my site. Remember again. there are people in this world like Aimee that state something to the effect that my 300 photos all belong to her. Due to people like this, unless I have extensive personal information about anyone, I would say I doubt that I would share larger resolutions of any image I own with anyone~ Just sayin!

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
Bill with all due respect, get off your high horse. I have more then one science major, I have at least 3 that are academically recognized but I have at least 5 or 6 after the fact. I am absolutely not an idiot and I surely do understand scientific proof in that no real, or more precisely honest scientist in the world will state absolutely they have scientific proof of anything and here in lies the falsehoods of your claims.

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
I am still passionately waiting for a response from Aimee that stated on this site blatantly that the photos on my Flickr account do not belong to me. Has Aimee pulled a Michael Carroll in that when she is confronted with accusations that she made that she can not stand up to, she disappears?

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
Patricia, good luck with getting permission to go on the Bara Hack property. Please review the thread. I don't know what the problem is of the people that are entrusted with the care of this property but clearly they take issue with anyone that seeks an interest in attaining access to this historical site.

Submitted by Bill (not verified) on
Wow, if you are majoring in 5 or 6 different fields of science, you probably have no time to even replay to this message. Wesley claimed that he found a physical object which was the source of the questionable object from your photo on a video made by someone else. He wanted a high res to confirm this. Pretty straight forward request. And probably not worth the time he has already spent debunking meritless claims on this board. High horse? Well, incredible claims require incredible proof. Time to suit up.

Submitted by wesley (not verified) on
I have received a higher resolution scan of the picture, graciously supplied by Linda. I will be taking a more detailed look at the picture in the next few weeks. I also believe there is a reasonable chance I can get a representative of the owners to visit the cemetery and get a good photo of whatever is just outside the rock wall to the right side in Linda's picture. That alone should put the issue to bed. I have asked that the owners of the property designate a contact person for the casual observer who would like to visit the site. There have been several postings from all edged owners commenting, but the posts are questionable at best. Its about time for that nonsense to cease. I will contact the owners and ask them to designate a verifiable contact person. If they refuse and choose to remain anonymous, I will either post who they are, or an easy way to find out. I will say, in their defense, they are older, and wary of people wanting to visit the site based on "haunted" claims. Many of the people who trespass, litter and destroy property are younger people looking for a thrill. Many of the tombstones in the cemetery have been repeatedly broken and or vandalized. How would you feel if people were doing that on YOUR property? The owners also believe the site is a valuable historical and archaeological site. I would agree. Once again, they have a vested interest in protecting it. Face it, when it comes down to it, we have an allegedly "haunted" site. The only reported things happening there are supposedly hearing disconnected voices. No ghost sittings, no magically slamming doors or infared "cold spots" or reports of ghosts chasing people off. Therefore, forgive me here, but its NOT that damned interesting. Save yourself the trouble, visit the infamous haunted prison in Ohio or Pennsylvania. After all TAPS "proved" it was haunted. It sounds a lot more interesting. I bet the TAPS group would provide you with detailed info about getting excellent EVP recordings and such. Just think how popular you would be if you validated TAPS findings. . (hear that Michael Carroll? Instant fame awaits) As far as I am concerned, the only thing interesting about Bara-hack at this point is linda's picture. I think there is nothing "supernatural" about it. People are always going to disagree as none of us were there when the pic was taken, but I do believe everything in it can be explained by mundane and boring ol' reality. Wesley, That pesky skeptic

Submitted by TOM (not verified) on
To those whom it may concern, I would like to ask questions about the property of Bara Hack. I am itching to go onto this property but I would like to have permission, and not trespass. From what I understand, one of these members (perhaps Mr. Steve Frank?) who posted on here knows the owners, but I believe that it is possible the owners also post on here. I would like very much to visit this property but do not want to go onto someone else's property. I simply wish to see the land, I have no desire to break any laws, invade someone else's property or damage anything. Would one of you be kind enough to tell me how to contact the owners so that I may seek permission to go here? Thank you.

Submitted by alib (not verified) on
just a few comments after reading these years of postings. First I cannot believe how many people have no respect for others. If this historical site is on land that is privately owned, no one should enter limits. if someone trespassed on my land they would wind up picking rock salt out of their arse secondary to the spread of a 6g shot gun. while I find these locations fascinating and read all I can on the net, I only visit sites, in person that are on public land....what balls you people have

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
Bill, no need to reply since this is completely rhetorical but you might want to look back and explain where exactly I stated I had multiple 'diplomas' or even that I made any claim at all that I have any 'diploma'. This is rhetorical because I in fact said this no where. If you must know, I have exactly one 'diploma' and that would be a high school diploma. Maybe a high school 'diploma' is your frame of reference, aka that is all that you are aware of (hmm, you do behave a tad juvenile I have certainly noticed!) but the fact that you are implying I have several 'diplomas' could be considered, ahem! insane!. LOL Really, give it a rest!

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
Distractions aside, it would be appropriate to get back on topic. The topic in this thread is of course Bara Hack and as the description states in this topic in the heading, people have reported various phenomena, one being a little girl. I was not specifically aware of a 'little girl' being reported in this location. I have only learned more recently this was the perception maybe of the photographer of my photo that there is an image of a little girl. Wesley has certainly provided interesting examples of similar photos to consider what it 'could be' that is displayed in my photo. However, I have sent along a larger resolution of my photo to Wesley for his review. I passionately await his interpretation upon a closer examination of my photo of what he might conclude.

Submitted by Bill (not verified) on
I still do not know what 'I have multiple science major' (or something to that effect) means. Annoyances aside, multiple images of the same area should shed light on the object. Since there appears to be a stump or solid object in a video at that spot, ghostly apparitions appear to be on shaky ground. But I don t have enough majors to be sure.

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
Bill, you are forgiven since you don't understand what educated means, e.g. a major and/or multiple majors- it is not here nor there. As to multiple images of the same area, you are not exactly correct Bill. Please review that my photo is nearly 30 years old- 1st you certainly can not compare a photo that has been taken in the last few years then state, Ahhhh!! There is a tree stump somewhere behind this stone wall 30 years after the fact and it explains what is in 'my photo'. 2nd, if you have any integrity whatsoever and/or interest in facts, you should surely recognize that there is nothing at all remotely close to appearing to be a tree stump in my photo. If you are interested in honest and reasonable debate and/or differences of opinion Bill, I would look forward to your opinion and invite your opposing viewpoint. However, it has been my strong impression that your only motive is to be nasty, mean, and demeaning and with all due respect when none is deserved, I have not at all been interested in such bullshat.

Submitted by Gaucher (not verified) on
Linda and Bill... why don't you two just bang and get all this back and forth fliting over with?

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
Gaucher, you and Bill have the same intellectual animal level, thus I am absolutely certain you are much better fitted for him then I am. Freak!

Submitted by Gaucher (not verified) on
Whatever it takes to stop your childish bickering back and forth. Stay on topic.

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
Yeah ok Gaucher, thanks for your point about banging to assist in staying on topic and banging of course wouldn't be a childish remark. pfft!

Submitted by Smig (not verified) on
Wow!! Linda and bill are using BIG WORDS!!! They gotta be SUPER SMART AND SUCCESSFUL!!! Im gonna tell more people to stop by this site so they can read smart people postings too!!!! Thanks guys!!!

Submitted by Paige (not verified) on
I haven't personally been to bara-hack but I have friends who have. My best friend's family owns one of the most successful businesses in the town of Pomfret. the directions for finding the village are easy enough to locate on the web and as everyone has already stated.. troop D(ouchebag) have an incredibly slow response time, at least an hour for real crimes, trespassing in uninhabited woods might be lower on their list of priorities especially on the weekends (just a suggestion). while I understand the owner's hesitation to let people onto their property who could litter, light fires and set up camp, forbidding people from going to a haunted site only makes it more appealing (especially to thrill seekers!). At least by granting permission they would have more control over who shows up on their property. Would hate to hear that the owners, or anyone really, snuck up on somebody who came to the site armed. This place has been known as a haunted location for as long as I can remember, and buying the property on which the freakin Blair Witch Project is based and then complaining about people trying to sneak onto it? You purchased a historic site, one that shouldn't even be allowed to be owned as private property, with no intention of maintaining it. I think that's the real crime here, not the trespassing. A rich part of our state's history, one of our very first settlements, is being destroyed by neglect from those who own it. Keep the memory of bara-hack alive! Continue to be interested! Because soon the weather and complete lack of attention from it's caretakers will turn this site into nothing but a pile of rocks. Also for the record, I have known many many MANY people who have gone to bara-hack and not a single time have the police shown up. I have also never seen an arrest posted in the paper for trespassing in this area.

Submitted by Erin (not verified) on
Any idea how I can get in contact with the owners? I'd love to go explore but would like to do it the right way. I don't want to disrespect the property or its owners. Any information is appreciated :)

Submitted by Kristi (not verified) on
I have been researching Ghost Towns (abandoned places not haunted ones) and visiting them as much as I can with my family. We enjoy the history and the stories behind he people who once lived there. We have a very strict philosophy of leaving the area better than what we found it (picking up trash or reporting anything that is out of place, etc.) and leaving no trace of our visit, just taking memories and photos. We respect the fact that you would like to keep your property private and this is the only place that I have found where it appears that the land owners may be contacted. I do not want to go through a "middleman" or accompany someone who may not have the same philosophy as we do. My husband has a degree in Natural Resource Conservation and mine is in Criminal Justice. We have a great respect for both nature and the law. I would like to do this the right way and direct permission from the owner themselves. I am very willing to give any information that is asked for. My photos are for personal use only and would never be used commercially. I am willing to show pictures from previous places that we have visited and show any pictures that I take to the landowner. Thank-you.

Submitted by bababooy (not verified) on
If you offer them a couple grand I'm sure they'd be happy to let you look around. Otherwise it's private propery so stop bugging them

Submitted by jocelyn magalis (not verified) on
hi everyone, I am a native to north eastern ct, and having gone to 4-H camp in pomfret most of my childhood, I know a LOT about Bara Hack (aka the Lost Village). According to what I was taught, Bara Hack is a Native american name for the town, which means "A gap In Time". Legend has it that the settlers had all passed away tragically and suddently from small pox, even though the natives had warned them not to settle there. They did, and they all died. "A Gap In Time" means that whoever had lived and died there continued living their lives as though they were still part of the living. My exes aunt had taken photos out there back in the seventies, and she had captured a face of a man on one of the trees, and a baby in the tree limbs. Also, when I was quite young, a group of campers and counselors from 4-H camp had a sleepover near the cemetary (which is difficult to find). In the middle of the night, everyone was woken up by what sounded like a horsedrawn carraige RACING by us (yes, I was there), and although I was young and afraid to open my eyes, many of the people with me swore they actually saw the carraige, drawn by two horses, racing down the road (or whats left of it). It was terrifying for an 8 year old little girl to experience, but it was actually quite magical. I believe very much that there is so much to be seen and experienced there, u just need to be patient, open minded and unfortunately not LOOKING for it. It seems to look for you. Also, I have found that younger people in a group tend to see much more, almost like the people who haunt there are attracted to the high energy of adolescents... young children, teens, they have so much more innocent energy that adults. Most of my experiences were when I was young, quite young. also, to clear something up that I even saw a paranormal investigator get wrong, at the first foundation along the path into the woods (about a fifteen minute walk, I think, maybe less), there is an eerie face carved into one of the stones around the foundation. That has only been there for a few years, it wasn't even there back in 2006 if I remember correctly, but it definately wasn't there from when the settlers were there. Thanks for reading, and if anyone is interested in hearing anything else about bara hack please get in touch with me. -Jocelyn

Submitted by Mamma (not verified) on
The comments on this page are more frightening than any rumors of a haunting. You guys were arguing for years.

This is my first time go to see at here and i am genuinely happy to read all at one place.

Submitted by Christopher Hob... (not verified) on
I posted a couple of comments on this site four years or so ago. I have been scrolling over the comments since and none of the questions I had then have been answered. The comments made by people who claim to be the owners of Bara-Hack don't impress me as anything other than a crazy hillbilly trying to wind up the rubes. I wouldn't pay attention to any of this garbage. The people who are talking about how intelligent they are and how many college degrees they have, well if they are that bright and educated, how is it that they have so much free time on their hands that they can argue for so long and say so little. Why not go to the local authorities and find out who owns the property, and then contact them in a decent way and tell them what you want? If it were me I might put some flowers on the graves and say a prayer to the deity of your choice, and help to clean up the garbage like the one truly decent soul I have seen here? If there are spirits around, be they living or dead, show them some respect and ask their permission to be there, and make an offering to them. And if there aren't, such actions wouldn't do any harm. Christopher

Submitted by Mike (not verified) on
As has been said... its all about respect. I like the idea someone had about cleaning up the place. Perhaps someone who is friends with the owners could work out a deal that.... they would act as the only authorized guides. They could take small groups once a month and the rules would be clear. Pick up all litter, no removal of artifacts or anything, etc. Just a thought.

Submitted by jakeryan (not verified) on
I had the opportunity to visit the site when I was in second or third grade, and the cemetery is still as fresh in my mind today as it was the day I actually stood there. Would love an opportunity to visit again, now that I’m able to appreciate the site for its significance.

Submitted by Wesley (not verified) on
Today is Mar 20, 2014, Almost a year after my last posting on this issue. I am still waiting for someone who does visit the cemetery to PLEASE take a photograph of whatever is to the right beyond the rock wall. . . Still no takers. . . What really amazes me, is that will all the data presented here, no one else has been able to come up with the name of the owner of the property. I’m gonna spill it for you. . If you have read through the threads and watched the video’s, One person actually got access to the property and had a guide. Big clue here. . .if you watch, He did not persue the property from the “I wanna go ghost hunting,” but rather the “I am interested in the HISTORY and the story of this place.” The historical village info was given and the story was primarily told in this book: The Lost Village of the Higginbothams: Rhoba’s Story, By Doris TOWNSHEND. The OWNER OF THE PROPERTY. . . You find out the owners are: Doris and Harry Townshend It was not hard to follow the other clues and discover the woman who the Townshend family trusts to allow access is a woman named Donna Dufrense. Now, I must apologize to the Townshend family and Ms. Dufresne, who from the video seems like a wonderful and generous person. Mainly for publically letting their names be known. If they request, I will delete the information. (The owner of this page has my email from posting.) DO NOT BE SURPRISED if they turn you down cold to go ghost hunting. The owners see themselves (rightly) as the stewards of the land and its history. Please respect them. Put yourself in their place. I would remind all would be “Paranormal investigators” that Ms. Dufense led a tour of the property around halloween. It was a legal way to visit the property. I suspect they will offer it again. Just remember too, that as an investigator, people judge your veracity on your actions. I seriously hope that one certain “Paranormal investigator” should be hounded every time he seeks publicity because he was exposed for lying on this board. He walked right into the trap. I understand trying to get a bit of publicity, but in the age of the internet, stuff comes back to “HAUNT you!” Wesley H. That pesky skeptic

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
Hi Wesley, It is great to hear from you again. I hope all is going well for you. Indeed, it would be really great if anyone does get the opportunity to visit the graveyard that they could take current pictures of the back right side of the stone wall, post the photos and share where they are posted for our review. I don’t know if you ever had an opportunity to look at the full resolution of my photo zoomed Wesley, but likely I told you if you look closer, the photographer that took the photo and circled the ‘figure’ if you will in black marker, did not notice there is the appearance of a second figure standing just to the left of the marked figure. In any event, I hope you have finally had an opportunity to review the photo as you had wished to. Of course, that does not say you would believe what displayed in the photo is a ghost. However, I still find the photo remarkable and until it is proved there is an explanation of actually several things in that photo (another one being what appears to be a figure of a woman in the middle of the photo and some strange orb like, almost twin beside the figure.) Of course, I say ‘figure’ for lack of any better description. Take care, and as always I look forward to hearing from you. PS, I might have found you on Facebook, I am not sure and I clicked follow on your page, that is unless there is another Wesley H, from your town & state. So, if you were wondering who the “Linda’ is, it is me :)

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
Hi again Wesley, Just for the record, and I believe you are aware of this I am an amateur photographer. I do nature photography primarily but my second passion is photographing architecture, historical places etc. After photography, history is my second passion. I am not a ghost hunter at all, and in my own photos (not the one I gave you a copy of), on more then one occasion strange things have showed up in the photos that I did not see when I was photographing. Interestingly this happens always in historical places, and/or homes. I of course, would love to go to Bara Hack and photograph as this is a place with both beautiful nature and history. Fall of course would be the most beautiful time, to photograph in the woods. With this said, if there is any chance I might find away to contact the owners and they would be so kind to let me photograph there, I would be happy to photograph the cemetery even if it just so happens to debunk my photo. I am interested always in a logical explanation though as you know I am also find things I can not explain interesting. So for now, it is just on my wish list. Though, if it happens where at some point I would be so lucky to photograph this beautiful place in the autumn, I will be sure to let you know :) Note, of course, it would never happen that I would go to this place without the owners permission and trespass. Last but not least, shame on the person that has stated above detailed information regarding gaining access to this property and what this person claims are low chances of getting caught by police. It doesn’t matter what that person thinks about how the owners should use their own property, it is their property to do with what they wish to.

Submitted by C.j. (not verified) on
Ok check this out, I am interested in the history, I have researched and found the enterance and read both books from author Townshend. I am going. Anyone else interested in attending, get a hold of me

Submitted by jennifer thompson (not verified) on
I like to go check it out how do I talk to owner to get in

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Can you people all please stop crying about trespassing and start talking about the article? Every post that isn't about the historical significance of this site is off-topic and selfish.

Submitted by Rob (not verified) on
I used to off road with friends in Ashford, we would drive down logging trails for hours. One time we started off toward the North West corner of Ashford where it meets with Pomfret, although in the woods there are no signs. Several times we stumbled upon a large area of old foundations, ditches, stone walls, and oddly stacked stones. All these years later I discover it had a name Bara-Hack. Thank you DAMNED CT for sorting this out for me. While we were there we heard weird noises and felt funny but that's it. We explained it away as odd and thought nothing of it. The huge trench / ditch with the stacked stone in it had a cut out under it where you could crawl in but not stand, more like a ledge. I have video of it somewhere.

Submitted by mary valentino (not verified) on
i would like to know how to find the owners to get permission to just walk and take pics. i live in the next town east of pomfret, ct. and would like to experience the history of the area. i would also luv to see if anything shows in the pics as well. plz advise ASAP to my email address please.