Bara-Hack, Pomfret

November, 2016 by Ray Bendici
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The Damned Story: The sparsely populated Northeastern region of Connecticut has long been called the Quiet Corner. But whoever named it may not have ever been to the abandoned settlement of Bara-Hack. According to local history, a pair of Welsh families first settled Bara-Hack in 1780; and although the name is odd, considering what some towns are called in Wales, it could've been called Barrffynng-Hheaggnnogg or something equally appealing.

By 1890 the settlement was history as the last residents left, and as is wont to happen, the surrounding forest slowly took the land back . . . allegedly though, it forgot some of the noise.

Modern visitors to Bara-Hack can see the interesting remnants of old foundations and walls as well as a cemetery—the damned part starts when they supposedly start hearing the sounds of the long-gone settlement! Everything from the noises of children playing and people singing to the sounds of livestock and the rumble of wagon wheels have been said to have been heard.

Over the years, various investigators have recorded the sounds, while others have also claimed to have seen the ghost of a bearded man and the spirit of a young child.


Bara-Hack may be gone, but clearly, it doesn't want to be forgotten.

Our Damned Experience: We have never been to Bara-Hack and back.

If You Go: Bara-Hack is on clearly marked private property ("No Trespassing" signs abound), and is very closely watched.

As it is on private property, you need permission from the land's owner to visit—which appears to be very unlikely as reports seem to indicate the owners are not interested in anyone visiting. Sorry!

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Submitted by eyes and ears (not verified) on
Dear sweet "matt m", it's not about hoarding and how much I suck, it's about respect for the owners and obtaining permission.

Submitted by cnmc (not verified) on
Just went there tonight, but got there too late! didnt have permission ..opps!

Submitted by ghost hunter (not verified) on
Does anyone know who to as for permission? yes Troop D is a dumping ground for bad cops! i cant stand their own version of law and order! too bad cause that is a beautiful part of ct! scary that the cops have their own brand of justice and demand respect when they give none!!!!!! Troop D sux!!

Submitted by ted (not verified) on
Im confused. If they want everyone to get permission first then why is it so difficult to find the information to contact them. I would really like to go about doing this right but i have no way of finding the owners.

Submitted by Been there (not verified) on
We went to bara hack a few years ago. It's a neat little place, but when you notice it is directly next to a 4H camp; you realize that could be where the sounds of children playing and horses are coming from...just food for thought...

Submitted by Dagmar S. (not verified) on
I went here twice as a child, with permission. Once as part of a school group and once with an adult group...maybe the historical society. I saw nothing unusual. I love old foundations and cemeteries, though, so it was a lot of fun!

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
I have been told that a photo that I was given many years ago, of what I personally view as a haunted cemetery may be a photo of the area that is discussed in this thread. I lost track of the person that took the photograph and subsequently gave me the photo many years ago and I have not recalled his name. However, I was told by someone that commented on my site that the name of the person who took the photo is Doug Daunis. (I hae no idea if this information is correct at this juncture). I also do have a second photo of his son on the page with the photo of the cemetery. According to the photographer of the photo his son's leg had been broken my a grave stone in the cemetery. The name of his son is James. I find it interesting that a person named Amie Daunis (who commented on this board) claims that her brother was injured here?? Is this the same person in my photo I wonder that she is referring to? In my most humble opinion the photo that was given to me is extremely spooky and in fact, it is the spookiest photo I have ever seen. I have found a lot more in the photo then the photographer did when he passed it along to me. The photo is here if anyone is interested: Note: I have not confirmed the location of where this photo was taken since I only was just told that someone may know who the photographer of the shot is and I lost track of him years ago. So I simply don't recall where he told me it was taken, other then he said it was a pretty lengthy walk though the woods to reach a cemetery in Enfield CT. It would be pretty neat to someday find out who did in fact give me the photo as it turned out I traded a video that I had taken of a rumored haunted cemetery and the last photos of my father in law alive were on the tape I gave to him.. in any event, likely ever seeing the tape that I shot again, is extremely low, but again it would be cool to get back in touch with the guy who took the photo that I have..

Submitted by neil (not verified) on
Dear Eyes and Ears I totally agree with you about respecting others property. I teach a summer class at a MA boarding school called "Curious New England" and have told my classes about Bara Hack but have never attempted to go there because of the no trespassing policy. If we could have permission from the owners to take a group of 10 students and 2 adults into that area that would be interesting for both students and staff. We are taking a field trip to other CT sites and that area next Tuesday 7/12. We don't litter and treat people and property with respect. Sincerely Neil

Neil and others....If you are truly interested in going to Bara Hack with permission, please get in contact with me. I have written permission and have now been there twice. I'm planning a trip, taking another group with mine. I'll take anyone there as long as I have some advance notice. You can reach me via my email at Also, you can find us on Facebook, by searching our group and/or organization name New England Spiritual Team. Hope to hear from you soon and enjoy the day! ~Michael Carroll~ (Founder)

I have extensively documented the area and the three video segment is up on my youtube channel. First part can be viewed here: I have written permission from the owner of the property herself and can offer assistance to those interested.

Submitted by Mike Devin (not verified) on
I visited the cemetary and the surrounding property back around 1971 with a teen organization called Acadians that was led by Paul Eno who was a Seminary student in Bloomfield. I remember we spoke to a very old man with a long beard who lived alone in some kind of one room shack in Pomfret. He may have owned the property at the time and we may have been getting permission from him to walk the property. I don't recall seeing anything unusual except that there were no birds or live vegetation within the cemetary walls. We took polaroid pictures near grave stones and by the wall. After the photos were developed we noticed small transparent orbs in the background. I also recall the father of one of my friends breaking down on the path on the way to the cemetary. He was a grown man in his 40's and he broke down and cried like a baby each time he tried to get past a certain point. He stayed behind and the rest of us visited the cemetary that day. I will always remember that experience because it was the strangest experience I ever had involving the paranormal.

Submitted by Erik Kubik (not verified) on
Bara Hack is private property. Permission is required to enter the grounds. I am in contact with the owners of the property and will alert them of this visit, Michael. If you have permission, then you should not worry. If not, then I am certain the family will have have someone there to watch the property.

Hey everyone. While I don't mind taking interested people to Bara Hack with my group, I will not give out directions to the location nor will I give out any contact information. I will not be responsible for you coming here on your own and damaging anything, if that occurs. Also, if you are truly interested in coming, we will be up there on Sept 24th. We will be meeting up in Putnam, CT around 3-330pm. By the way, I'm not taking all whom want to go. I already have quite a few people but cancellations do occur from time to time. Thanks!

Submitted by sasquatch (not verified) on
i am the sasquatch that lives in the woods..i will eat all treaspassors..mmm people the other white meat

Submitted by Casper (not verified) on
And I am one of the ghosts who haunts Bara-Hack, and I agree with Mr. Sasquatch. Come into our woods and we'll haunt you forever.

Erik: I know Bara Hack is on private property. I'm not one of these teens out for a thrill. I have a paranormal group, of which holds alot of respect in this field. We've been featured in newspapers, books, and local TV shows so we are not amatuers in this field. We have been to Bara Hack quite a few times and better yet, we have permission. We were even escorted out there our first time by an author in the field, whom also has permission. I respect your desire to help weed out trouble and such but rest assured, we are perfectly fine.

Submitted by Erik Kubik (not verified) on
I am not here to play mall cop. If you have permission, then so be it. I have contacted representatives of the owners who will, in turn, be in touch with them. If you check out, then you should have no trouble with your visit. I am not familiar with your group, but private property is private property, no matter how many TV shows, books, or newspapers you have contributed to. I have forwarded links of your group to the reps. I do take issue with any paranormal group soliciting individuals who do not have permission to enter the grounds to join them on an 'investigation'. In fact, this could be a significant issue with the owners who I have been told do not want this land opened up for this purpose. They have, in the past, used the land for local schools to investigate the history of their town and the way people lived back in the early 1800s. Your post suggests a ghost hunting tour of the land: I'd be willing to wager that they are not happy with that.

Submitted by The caretaker (not verified) on
Michael, As per the owner of the property, you are NOT permitted to be on, nor giving tours of the property. You and anyone with you on the property WILL be arrested for trespassing.

Submitted by owner of bara-hack (not verified) on
Mr. Carroll, I am the owner of bara-hack and I'm adding a note to the caretakers message: I have NOT given any form of permission to you or for you to take any groups of people onto to my property at any time. If you do so, you will be arrested and charges will be pressed. Plain and simple.

Submitted by Erik Kubik Mall Cop (not verified) on
I am Erik Kubic... Mall Cop... I am trying to stop fun. Subsequent posts by "owner of bara hack" are just me again trying to be tough. I will not arrest you if you come. Just show up at night kiddos and there's no issues with going in.

Submitted by owner of bara hack (not verified) on
Mr. Kubik, You are incorrect. I am the owner of bara-hack and all people MUST have written permision on them and signed by me or the police will be called.

@owner, please take notice that "Erik Kubik Mall Cop" is someone posting sarcastically while using my name. I only say this b/c you addressed this person as Mr. Kubik. My name is always clickable.

Submitted by owner of bara hack (not verified) on
Mr. Kubik and all, Just remember THE DEAD NEVER SLEEP! Just try me.

Submitted by kevin klimas (not verified) on
I am a former resident of the quiet corner and am very interested in taking my son to see bara hack. Anyone with info on how to go about doing this legally would be greatly appreciated..

Submitted by kevin klimas (not verified) on
you can find me on facebook

Submitted by owner of bara hack (not verified) on
Mr. Klimas, You might be able to contact the 4H camp and see when they will be going. Permission is only granted to certain groups.

Submitted by Matt Hopkins (not verified) on
Hey Kevin, It's Hoppy, if you get permission to get on the land let me know. I have been wanting to go there for years!!! I am not on face book but you can email me at

Submitted by owner of bara hack (not verified) on
No permission will be given to individuals.

Submitted by Mountain Man (not verified) on
I have lived next to Bara Hack for more then 30 yrs. AND IN REGULAR CONTACT WITH THE CARE TAKER and i have and will continue to notify them of strange activity as i can even hear people talking in the woods because of the way the sound travels.I have had people stop in my driveway asking for directions to get back to their car ,sometimes i tell them the wrong way just because they said they didnt have permission to go back there.This is not a State Park.Leave Bara Hack and its neighbors alone.

Submitted by Matt M (not verified) on
Once again i return to say to the owners of bara hack; [edit] just because you have a certain foundation series in your back yard does not mean you should be able to keep that to yourself, it would be like my associates over on wolf den road saying "no you need permisssion to go in the park", it's a very selfish act, it displeases me to see you hog such a rare artifact, and claim your reasoning as "how would you like somebody walking through your woods?" well guess what?! today i did catch somebody walking through my woods to photograph my old foundation! and you know what i didnt do?! call the piggys! instead i asked to see his photos and made him smoke a bowl with me! what a concept! the very fact you threaten troop d on people makes me sad, and also lets me have a vague understanding that ct is a place for jerks. ive lived here 24 years, and it gets worse every year

Submitted by Jess D (not verified) on
I myself was completely intrigue by this place. I've been looking up different areas in New England for the group I belong to - to beable to investigate. It's too bad that there has been so many issues with other people taking advantage of the owner and thier property and has made a bad name for anyone else curious about the paranormal activity that maybe happening there. I can completely understand the owners standpoint though, it just comes down to having respect for them and thier wishes. It sounds as though too many people have taken things onto themselves and has ruined the possiblities for others to visit the area.

Hi, I'm an art photographer who specializes in historic cemeteries. I love to photograph them both from an artists perspective as well as a preservation perspective. When I hear about a particularly old cemetery I try to get in and document it before vandals/nature/time completely destroy it. Unfortunately on numerous occasions I've been too late. I would love to come photograph the site if I could get permission from the owners, any help in that matter would be greatly appreciated. The means to get in touch with me is through my website: Thank you, Erin

Submitted by owner of bara hack (not verified) on
I'm very sorry, but no permission is granted ot indiviuals. Owner

Submitted by DPC508 (not verified) on
All this is very interesting over something quite trivial. If the land is privately owned, then the land owner clearly has a right to protect himself against any trespassers- and I can only imagine the types of people that these ghost stories attract. Is there an actual contact for the owner(s) of the land? I don't expect that to be published on here but I DO think that there's an opportunity to make a lot of money off this, if done properly. By saying that, I'm not ruling out that this isn't what is going on right now. Weed out the weirdos, take a donation and let people have a look at the historical site. I don't see anything wrong with that. Am I somewhat close to the truth? I realize it's not all about money and if the owner just likes to check out who is visiting his site before granting permission, then I give him even more respect. Hey...I grew up in Coventry and while I live far away now, but this would be one great idea for a date if given permission.....just saying.

Submitted by sasquatch (not verified) on
wow belinda have you ever hear of a bird called a woodpecker..hmm they love rapping on trees.i live in these woods and see lots of animals and birds.even beer cans from the local people who like to tresspass out here..the erie feeling you had of someone watching you was me from a bush watching your excuse of exsistence creeping through my forest..the only thing that haunts these woods is the pressence of you and all your friends bugging me while im trying to rest..yes i am the first sasquatch to have internet out here..thank you verizon..well i have better things to do now like scare away more people.. please just tell people the teruth about my forest stating that it is not haunted,it is on private property,and it just belongs to some very wonderful people ,and i get to sleep in it with all my woodland friends,sfae sound and proteceted KEEP OUT ...squashy

Submitted by Town Firefighter (not verified) on
Mall Cop........ It's people like you who make the kind people of this town want to keep others away, I've lived in this town for 4 yrs now, My wife ( an awesome photographer)and I find things like Bara-Hack interesting and wonderful places to visit and learn, Please stay out of our town and not ruin it for those of us who greatly appreciate all the wonders and hidden places this town has to offer. This is our town!

Submitted by Belinda (not verified) on
I went to Bara Hack when I was residing in Putnam, CT for 15 years (which also has a haunting past due to the flood in the 1950's). I walked the entire area and nothing had happened. When I say "nothing" I mean there were no animal sounds and the air was very still kind of stale. That in itself was creepy considering it was very cold and windy that day. The cemetery is beautiful and very old as are the remains of the houses that once stood there. I did not feel unpleasant as I walked through the grounds, however I did get the feeling of being watched or followed. On the way out of the grounds I did hear a peculiar rapping on one of the large old trees on the main path towards the exit. I distinctly heard 3 very loud knocks! I examined the tree for any animal nests or holes and saw nothing! I then got into my vehicle and proceeded to turn the key to start it, NOTHING! The darned vehicle would not start. I took this as a bad omen considering the vehicle was in like new condition. I proceeded to try and turn the engine over and finally got it running. Once home I could not stop thinking about it and that night I did experience sounds of children in my home and strange nightmares. I did not return.

Submitted by Wandering (not verified) on
If the state police are wasting their time "arresting" people wandering around empty property we are wasting tax dollars. I live in the area and walk the woods daily. If i run into posted property i just make my way off the property as quickly as possible. The police can't even find addresses out here within 45 minutes let alone someone walking in the woods. Even if they do there is no way they would arrest you unless you were hunting/trapping w/o permission. If someone is hunting/trapping w/o permission, littering or destroying property that is another story. Shame on those idiots. Book them if you catch them. For all others, Lighten up people. I would strongly suggest blaze orange on anyone wandering the woods this time of year.

Submitted by mr.happy (not verified) on
All i have to say about these last 3 comments is wow.. you people are rude and inconsiderate and thats why people like you ..will never get permision to be on someones preoperty..If the preoperty is not ure's than just leave it be.. stop being such wine babies about the whole thing..and go rummgae through a state park where it isnt treaspassing and is 100 percent with that being said good day to you all

Submitted by matt m undergro... (not verified) on
it's just funny to me that a man goes out of his way to ask for permission, never mind your weird phobia about tresspassing in "the last green valley" , "the quiet corner" "quaint" ct, and you blantently deny him, explain to me how keeping that all to your greedy self is justified, i wasn't aware one could be so stingy. HEY, ANYONE IF YOU WANNA SEE A GREAT VIEW EMAIL ME, GOT SOME FOUNDATIONS AND AN OLD CEMETERY.

Submitted by mm (not verified) on
@eyes and ears, your in the woods, it's not that hard to run from a bunch of fat, out of shaped coked up cops, these are our woods. the woods are the woods. its kinda like the ocean, property that should be given equal rights to travel through. if you disagree, move to jersey. because that's some straight jersey [stuff]. seriously, you're treating walking through the woods like its some act of treason against the united states, using scare tactics...while i've been in your area of the world many times, and i can clearly note, that people in the woods do not disturb anybody, and your house isnt even relatively close to the actual abandonment (from what ive heard), its just a reflecting on how self centered human society has become, especially these upscale areas like pomfret and woodstock, thankfully im born and raised with a sense of neighborly love, seriously irritating, i bet you call the cops for any little indiscretion you of those types.

Submitted by Shadow man (not verified) on
I bet they don't want people finding their secret garden I found out there in the fall..

Submitted by Kindred Spirit ... (not verified) on
No kidding! I wrote a neutral comment way up there somewhere and have been flummoxed by all the iddy biddy wickums. "Mine!" "Now!" "Unfair!" "Gimmie!" "You're bad!" "Want!" There are cellar holes all over New England. Tons. Many are very accessible. Go where you are wanted. It will make you feel all grown up, and that's a pretty nice feeling, I promise!

Submitted by Amie (not verified) on all the people out there that are in it for the fun of seeing something that will turn you white, there is no need to be rude....look around u there is spiritual energy everywhere that you can see...there has been death and dispair no matter which way you turn....most people lose the ability to see what is there hiding by a certain age....i see it everyday and everywhere i go, sry that you dont know where to look anymore...stop harassing the owner and go look else where....the past a bara hack dont want to be bothered by anyone, they are just as lost as you are in this modern world that most just cant handle anymore...

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on
People on this board that are stating that the property owners are selfish, greedy etc for not allowing the public on their property are honestly incredible. If any of these same people have anything of value, like your wallet or your home, your car etc. give it to me to let me use (and or abuse) because based on what you say you are greedy if you don't share or give stuff you own to strangers no less. Pfft!! Take a look at the U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights, indeed people do have the right to own private property and they have the right to keep it all to themselves if they so choose. Besides, I am so sure these ignorant people claiming they should have the right to other people's stuff (private property) will spend their free time cleaning up after and guarding the property against ppl who are disrespectful and some do go so far as to damage property. I sure wouldn't let the public march through MY HOME even if I had 100 million dollar art hanging on the wall (oh duh, most esp if I did I wouldn't lol) and there is not a sole out here who would. It is not Greed folks, this is hard working people that earned what they own and they surely have the right to do with it as they please and this includes keeping it all to themselves. To the disrespectful ignorant trespassers, where do you live? where do you keep your wallet and your car keys because I sure could use some extra cash, a car I don't have to pay for and why not let me crash on your couch because I don't want to pay for my own. And don't be greedy and say I can't use your stuff!! PFFT! Sure in what world do these people live in??

Submitted by Wandering (not verified) on
There are some far more interesting places to see around the area. Clearly the people presenting themselves as owners and caretakers on this thread do not want people near their property. Threats of police are not necessary and would likely just fall on deaf ears even if they did call, but just leave these people alone. No need to stir up trouble when there are far easier places to access. It is probably because someone littered, damaged property, or some sort of stupid acts of a few individuals. Respect their privacy. I walk the woods all over Pomfert, Woodstock, Brooklyn and hardly ever see people. When I do it is more often than not a very pleasant discussion about the birds I have seen. Great season for Timber Doodle. Have a look at the old Trinity Church on Church Street in Brooklyn. You can easily get permission to see the church and maybe even a tour if you inquire at the Trinity Episcopal Church on route 6 in Brooklyn. They even have prayer services during nice weather on Sundays if you are into that sort of thing. Ask for Mr. Booth. There are old carvings of ships on the walls upstairs that reflect some real history in the area. This was an underground railroad stop for the slaves. This place was always said to be haunted and people often report car trouble when parking. Careful what look for because you may find it in places like this one.

Submitted by Wandering (not verified) on
I lived in the United Kingdom for several years and they have a set of rights designed specifically around walkers. Walkers have a near unhindered right of way to pass on public and private land provided they follow certain rules. The rules are quite simple don't litter, don't destroy property, don't walk on cultivated land, stay away from structures, don't interfere with landowner activities, and some others. Sounds like a good set of rules. If people would have followed these simple rules they would probably still have sights like bara-hack open. Clearly this is not the UK and people need to heed to trespassing laws. If it is posted don't pass. If you find yourself walking on property and run into a sign change your direction to avoid conflict. If you run into a landowner just apologize for your error and respect their wishes. Ask them for permission to continue your walk through the property if it makes sense. Clearly Bara-Hack owners have made their wishes known. It does sound a bit unreasonable to liken someone's car keys to walking through vacant lands. People just need to relax. Constitutional law does have limitations related to private property, but that is a whole new discussion. Most of the posts here do not represent the way people react when walking through properties. Let's not reinforce the stigma of New Englanders being unfriendly by writing aggressive posts because most are very friendly. It is starting to sound like the land of the less than free and home of the brave lawyers.

Submitted by Parahunter (not verified) on Welcome to Para Hunter. We are an eclectic group of Paranormal investigators exploring the unusual and unexplained. Our team is happy to investigate claims or perceived haunting’s. If you are experiencing unusual phenomena and need some clarifications or some support please contact us. We will not divulge any private information regarding you or your location unless you want us to do so. We are willing to investigate homes, businesses or locations which have unusual or unexplained activity.

To the owners of this property. You are doing the right thing to keep these people out. If its a huge problem then the local police should be watching the place very closely. These crazies will trample and ruin a piece of history and it will be forever lost to us. I live in Putnam and lived in pomfret for short time. I think the historical society should be the only ones allowed in and if you choice to allow people in at certain times. Charge and have guided tours perhaps the money can then go to maintaining a piece of history.

Submitted by Tom (not verified) on
How does one contact the owners with respect to visiting this site with some students? I'd prefer an emailed response away from this board. Thanks.