Astronauts Publicly Dispute UFO Footage

June, 2009 by Ray Bendici
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Going for the trifecta on recent UFO-type stories, I recently found this article on Popular Mechanics's website about NASA and UFOs. It's an interesting read, covering the ongoing controversy of whether NASA has repeatedly recorded footage of UFOs during shuttle missions and has been denying it to the public. In the story, two astronauts talk about the clips and the ongoing "cover up" stories. Here is one of the clips they address from You Tube -- in it, you can see "unidentified objects" floating in space that suddenly change direction, seemingly of their own volition. The shuttle astronauts say what you are seeing here are ice crystals and other shuttle debris that are suddenly hit by the exhaust from the shuttle's thrusters during a firing, thus creating the change of direction. Others contend you are really seeing alien spacecraft monitoring our ongoing foray into space, which NASA has known about for years and refuses to divulge to the American public. So which is it? I love a good conspiracy as much as the next person, but what astronaut Mario Runco says in the article just makes a tremendous amount of sense here:
UFO proponents tend to dismiss official responses from members of NASA, the Pentagon or any other government agency, but Runco says that even if there was an active coverup, no amount of coercion could prevent an astronaut—himself included—from laying claim to a confirmed sighting of an alien spaceship. "If I thought it was an intelligent craft, I'd be the first one to speak up," says Runco. "I'd want the credit: Mario Runco was the first person in history to conclusively document the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization. Why would I ever want to keep it secret?"
I think that's been my biggest problem with any of these NASA conspiracies -- just too many people to try and keep quiet. I don't know about most of you, but my impression is that human beings in general have a hard time keep anything secret for too long, be it about alien autopsies, bigfoot captures or MTV Movie Award stunts seemingly gone awry. Anyway, for those interested in outer space doings, Popular Mechanics also celebrates the upcoming 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landings with "the untold story" behind the event. A lot of really cool stuff here, including exclusive video, audio and photographs. Highly recommended!

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