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January, 2009 by damnedadmin
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Submitted by Samantha Nicely (not verified) on
I did happen to stumble upon your website. Since i grew up in conneticut all my life and just recently moved to the south. It was nice to find a website of all the crazy stories i grew up listening to when i was a child. Though there is one your missing that i was right in my hometown. Hell Hollow Road, Voluntown Ct. It was a story they always told of course around halloween. But if you were to ask anyone who lived on hell hollow road it wasn't just a story it was reality. I would love for y'all to investigate it or atleast look into it.

Submitted by Samantha Nicely (not verified) on
OH right i'm such a dork i forgot to tell you the legend is about Maude Reynolds she was an indian girl that died When english settelers i believe killed her but don't quote me on that. Anyways it's tradition where i come from if your brave enough to drive your car down hell hollow road and when you pass her grave stone you utter her name and the car cuts off. there have been rare occasions where the cars have crashed as well. I was to young to do that tradition when i lived there but i would love to know if it was true?

Submitted by Steve Frank on
Thanks Samantha, We will check this out next time we are in the area. Cool story :) Steve